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What inspired WHITE BERRY ON THE RED WILLOW? by Rita Karnopp

A little bit about me:  There aren’t enough hours in a day to pack in all I want to do.  I work full-time as the Administrative Assistant for Emergency Preparedness at the State of Montana.  When I get home I answer emails for an hour and the balance of the night is devoted to writing.  I refuse to write less than two hours a night and then I commit six hours or more to writing over weekends.

How do I deal with these challenges?  Complaining or procrastinating accomplishes nothing.  I remind myself to think about my goals and how am I going to get there.  Besides, I love to write, so it’s not exactly something I struggle to get at…like laundry, folding clothes, doing dishes or even cooking!!  J

I get ideas from everything!  I was doing research for one of my historical books and ran across the sentence; ‘the white berry on the red willow was bitter and the white man hated it, although the red man used it frequently in their diet.’  That sentence haunted me because I immediately thought … ‘Wow, the white berry would be like a white heroine and the red willow would reflect the red nation… And there you have it… I wrote an entire book, WHITE BERRY ON THE RED WILLOW off that sentence! 

White Berry on the Red Willow - As predicted in the Ghost Dance Vision, life has come full circle in 2054. The Blackfeet now control Yellowstone National Park, where the buffalo have multiplied, as have the people themselves.

Outside the Indian lands thousands are dying of Quake Fever every day. Doctor Alcina Hancock struggles to find a cure before her mother dies. Thrust into the world of the Indians, she not only discovers what it will take to save her people, but also herself.  
Ekuskini, son of the Blackfeet chief, revels in the demise of the non-Indian. Then he meets Alcina and finds himself searching the old ones for the answers. Together Alcina and Ekuskini realize they must learn from the past and use it to make things better for the future of all people.

"What an entertaining and thought provoking spin on the future. I think the imagination of the author is amazing. It is like Jules Verne met Sacagawea! Living in Montana makes the book even more fun since I am familiar with the setting and know that Yellowstone Park does have the risk of earthquake. 5 stars for Karnopp. I am anxious to read her next book." ~ Luv2Read, Amazon Verified Purchase

Books inspire me to write as do movies!  I often think…dang…why didn’t I write that?  When I read INTENSITY by Dean Koontz… I was so inspired by the page turner that I wrote my serial killer book, ATONEMENT

To be honest . . . I have more ideas for books – than I have time to write them.  I hope you enjoy reading my books – as much as I love writing them.

Atonement - Murder and revenge collide as a vicious serial killer stalks and escalates in the preparation of one sinner at a time for atonement. His routine takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with the last woman on his list.

When a string of women turn up dead, all incriminating evidence points to Carter Thompson, a pathologist with a reputation for solving crimes, that is until his wife is brutally murdered. For years his life revolves around making sense of the serial killer’s deranged plan. Carter is determined to uncover who and why he has become linked to this killer’s gruesome handiwork. He teams up with the one woman he hurt and still loves. Through it all he manages to uncover a convoluted plot of jealousy and delusion.

Native American Studies Professor, Angelene Jensen's orderly life is shattered when her sister is brutally murdered. Determined to make the killer pay, she makes decisions that propel her closer to the man who left her standing at the altar, and a chilling killer. Are they the same person? Had her sister uncovered evidence revealing this killer? Did it get her killed? 

"I love a jolting suspense and Atonement is a nail-biting, air-gasping page-turner. An avid reader of thrilling suspense, I found Rita Karnopp's ability to take me into the mind of the serial killer totally suspended my disbelief. I struggled to put the book down. She's turned it up a notch with this one and it's my favorite of her books – so far." ~ Diane Davis ~ Davis Creative Media


Ginger Simpson said...

I've read all of Rita's books and even though I know she's a talented writer, I was stunned with the creative plot of White Berry on the Red Willow. You have to read it to experience it.

Rita Karnopp said...

How sweet of you to say, Ginger... love you, too! :) Rita

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