Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Dearest Irish by Lyn Horner

In this scene...Choctaw Jack has kidnapped Rose Devlin and is conveying her north toward the Indian Territory. They've run into bad weather in this scene.

She watched Jack study the rapidly approaching storm clouds and heard him exchange a few words with Tsoia. Glancing at her over his shoulder, he said, “I don’t like the look of those clouds. We need to find shelter fast. Here.” He tossed Brownie’s reins to her. “Ride hard and stick close.”
Astonished by his sudden trust in her, she nodded mutely. When he and Tsoia kicked their mounts into a gallop, she did likewise. Before long, rain began to pelt them, growing heavier by the minute, forcing Rose to blink fast to see where she was going. Mixed with the rain were small, stinging pellets of hail that made her hiss in pain and bend low over Brownie’s neck as she struggled to guide him after Jack.
The wind screeched like a banshee, blowing sheets of rain sideways, slashing at her like knives. The hail stones grew larger, the pain they inflicted more intense. Brownie let out a piercing neigh when an especially big one smashed into his shoulder, and Rose had all she could do to control him. He was in a near panic, as were the other horses.
Where was the shelter Jack sought? Was there any to be found out here in the middle . . .?
Pain exploded through her head, radiating from above her left ear. Seeing bursts of bright colors, she swayed precariously in her saddle. Instinctively, she grabbed her saddle horn to keep from tumbling off the galloping horse. Somewhere in her stunned brain, she realized she’d been struck by a large hail stone.
She had no memory of screaming, but she must have because Jack was suddenly there, scooping her from Brownie’s back with an arm around her waist and swinging her onto his lap. “It’s all right, I’ve got you,” he shouted above the raging storm.

Huddled against him, she felt the beating of his heart beneath her ear and, despite the terrible pounding in her head, she took comfort from his rock-solid strength. The rain and hail continued to beat at them, but in her groggy state, Rose trusted Jack to bring them safely through.

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Unknown said...

Exciting excerpt, Lyn! Hi, Ginger-I haven't talked with you in such a long time.
Both of you take care--keep writing.

Unknown said...

Nice excerpt, Lyn! Amazing that you can make Jack seem like such a hunk in short a short snippet. :-) I haven't had a chance to read this one yet, but it's on my list.

Ginger, you're always a sweetheart to give space on your blog to other authors. It's appreciated, not only by the featured author, but also by the rest of us. HUGS!!! :-)

Ella Quinn - Romance Novelist said...

Wonderful excerpt. I tweeted.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I love the name Jack. Don't know why. I can't imagine being out unorotected in a hail storm. Awful. Loved the excerpt. How does the Irish part fit into the story? Is Jack part Irish?

Lyn Horner said...

Sorry I'm slow to reply, everyone. I started organizing photos for a collage of my grandkids and couldn't break away.

Hi Celia, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the excerpt!

Kathleen, it's fun showing off a hero's hunky side, isn't it. ;)

Thanks once again, Ella. You're always so supportive.

Sarah, Jack is French Creole and Native American. Rose is the Irish one. She inherited her healing power from ancient Irish Druid ancestors.

Lyn Horner said...

Ginger, thanks so much for hosting me today. I love your website. It's so bright and happy feeling.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Lyn,
Very evocative excerpt, it certainly caught my attention.

Best wishes


Lana Williams said...

I really enjoyed the excerpt, Lyn! Well done!

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