Thursday, October 3, 2013


We all get busy, right?  What do you allow to interfere with your writing schedule?  The kids?  Well, that one I agree with kids and hubby should always come first.  Period.  We can minimize the interruptions by setting our writing time when the kids are sleeping and the hubby is watching his favorite shows.  I actually tape what he likes to watch – I don’t think he misses me too much!

Life if busy – none of us would consider denying it.  Writing is plain hard to get at sometimes.  Except – I don’t believe in excuses.  I work in life’s interruptions into my schedule.  This doesn’t allow me to make the excuse that I was interrupted for an hour with my sister-in-law on the phone, or that I had to run into the office to help make copies for three hours preparing for a major training. (I – like so many of you work full-time.  I know people who work full-time, run their own business, and still write.)

Goals are the key to accomplishing any aspect of your life.  But let me say it plain and simple – if you want to finish your book – set deadlines and goals.  Simple as that.

Never should you say, “I’m trying to finish that book.”  Trying never did anything.  Tell yourself, “I’d better get busy, that book is due the end of next month.”  Honestly, it’s up to you to set the right attitude to accomplish what you want in life.  If it’s finishing that book – make it happen.

Is it the internet that robs your time, the TV, maybe chatting with friends or shopping.  You do what you want to do . . . so why not decide to write.  What do you really want?

Face it – writing takes real determination.  You have to go to a quiet place, remove yourself from the rest of the busy world and write . . . write . . . write.  It’s lonely, isolated, and it takes willpower, fortitude, and even grit to say put and get the work done.

Sometimes it’s easier than other times – but it’s never really easy.  Don’t make excuses – expect it to be work.  But think about when you type ‘the end’ and know you made it happen!  The feeling of accomplishment outweighs the many excuses you might think of to keep you from doing what you really want to do.  Write novel after novel!

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