Friday, November 8, 2013

Good God, It's November…Ginger's in a panic

For so many reasons:

1.  I've done no Christmas Shopping
2.  We're leaving for California on December 1-2
3.  My office is a mess cause I'm cleaning out my closet.
4.  My husband had our dog groomed and he looks like a Clydesdale or like he has slippers on.
5.  Two of our computers had to go to the shop this month. $$$ I could have spent elsewhere.
6.  I got my IMAC back with a totally different operating system, no Word program, and my IPhoto with all my pictures is gone.
7.  I realized the old woman in the picture from my reunion is me.
8.  The doctor gave me a shot of Testosterone to see if helped my sex drive and all it did was make the hairs on my neck grow faster and longer.
9.  I'm running out of 3x5 cards to put all my passwords on.
10. We talked with the Neptune society and signed up for the cremation program.  It's a done deal and what if I decide I'm not as claustrophobic as I thought?
11.  I have book edits to finish and my Word program is on an old computer that's set up with no leg room; my back hurts from hunching and my ankles look like I'm the Michelin man.
12. I called to invite my Son and DIL to Thanksgiving and found out how much she dislikes my "Kroeger" dinners.  My theory…why cook when someone else can."
13. Ladybugs are driving me crazier.  They're everywhere.  I have to suck them off the ceiling hourly and I'm sick of cleaning dead carcasses from the porches.
14. Only five more days until my next birthday and I haven't even gotten used to how old I am right now.

I could go on an on, but I'll stop now before I pull out what little hair I have left.  If I could get the ones on my neck to grow on my head, I wouldn't have to worry.  :)

Tomorrow will be a better day cause today sucks!

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