Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just a Taste - of Killarney Sheffield

Author Bio:
Killarney Sheffield is an award winning romance author from the rustic Canadian prairies. She lives on a cattle ranch with her five kids. When she is not penning historical romantic adventures she fills her time with her Thoroughbred stallion 'Stamp de Gold', whom she affectionately calls 'Love Monkey', and her herd of AQHA mares.

Note from Ginger:  Normally, I reserve my "Just a Taste" blogs for my own work, but I'm very proud to introduce you to a new Books We Love author, Killarney Sheffield, who is also a friend as well as my competition.  *smile*  I know you'll enjoy her work, and she has three more releases coming in the very near future.  Watch for them.  *that's a request, not an order* :)


When Lady Kassandra is visited by a thief in the dark of night, she finds her body awakened in a way that her husband's touch has never stirred her desires. However there are consequences for even a brief stolen night of passion that leave Kassie in dire straits. She turns to the only one she thinks can help her...but will he come before it is too late?
Comte Cohen Ashton's mission is to retrieve a priceless artifact and return it to its former country of origin. He doesn't expect to have his heart stolen by his sworn enemy's lovely young wife or to discover a treasure of his own making that is more valuable than any other.
In the midst of a war between England and France, they struggle to deal with their sins and outside forces that threaten to destroy them. Can love prevail or will they be forever torn apart by the cracksman’s kiss? 

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