Monday, December 30, 2013


Fiction is sometimes given a bad wrap.  Face it, when someone tells you they write and read only ‘nonfiction’ their IQ shoots up … 25%.  Yep, many people have this idea that nonfiction is for those ‘smart’ folks.

Sorry people – not me.  I’m happy for nonfiction writers/readers, it’s their choice and if that’s their preference, good for them.  But in many ways I think, boy they have it easy.  They write only with the facts and that’s it.

Fiction writers on the other hand – we have our job cut out for us.  We have to create characters and make the reader ‘believe they are real.’  Through action, dialogue, span or range of your story, you make your people ‘come alive’ in your reader’s head.  They are believable ‘real’ people facing ‘real’ chalenges, ‘real’ dangers, and showing ‘real’ consequences, taking the reader with them.

Don’t forget our characters have real pasts, family history, and they feel ‘real’ emotions, prejudices, and experiences.

We bring our characters to life from a particular point-of-view (POV).  We take our reader to a particular time and place and draw them into the world of our character.  If you walk, talk, and even breath along with your character, that will flow onto the page and your reader will walk, talk, and breath with your characters, too.

I’m certain that there are nonfiction writers out there who are able to take a reader away from it all, bringing their real-life character to life in the mind’s eye of their reader.  But I’m also convinced our fiction writers are doing the same thing, with more imagination, flare, excitement, and let’s face it – their journey is the one the reader wants to be on.

If you’ve done your job right, your reader will be looking for your next book, because it did what it was suppose to do.  Suspend the disbelief and take them away from it all . . . on a journey of emotion . . . that satisfied them at the end.

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