Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Brett Jones by Ginger Jones Simpson

Thirty-nine years ago, I gave birth to my second, last and youngest son.  Funny, he gave me a hint of what life with him would be like when he wedged himself sideways and stuck his hand, palm up, in the birth canal...I had a C-section.  He's pretty much had that palm out most of his life, but a great deal of time has been spent shaking hands and making friends, sometimes at my expense.  He'll understand that remark.  *lol*  He's charismatic...much to much for his own good, and the sad thing is that he has no idea what a good person he really is.

Brett is one of the most talented men I know.  I have no idea where he got his mechanical skills, but he can fix pretty much anything and park a trailer between two straws on the first try.  He's funny, handsome, even though he shaves his beautiful hair off to please his wife, and lights up a room when he walks in.  I hope he knows I'm proud of his accomplishments.

Oh, don't get me wrong.  There have been times when I wanted to throw in the "mom's" towel and surrender, and at one point in time, I did turn him Brett's care over to God because all the worry and stress was too much for me.  I'm happy to say, the Lord took good care of him, because I often had doubts Brett would live to this age.  We had an express lane to the ER when he was growing up, and when they stopped baseball games because someone's kid was on a roof or the backstop, I knew immediately who it was.

Anyone who can inhale a bead, fall on a lincoln log, get stitches because a lucky horseshoe hit him in the mouth, ride ten feet on a motorbike and break a leg, staple his boot to his shin on a new job, and balance a dead horse on the tailgate of a truck filled with bodies from the medical college is not a normal kid. I could write a book on his life...and I just might if he doesn't straighten up.  *lol*  Fatherhood has been a challenge for him, dealing with an autistic child, but Spencer loves his dad more than anything.  Brett also has two stepsons who think he's pretty great.

  He's still a daredevil...anything that deals with rock climbing and mud attracts him like a magnet...always has.  He loves building big bonfires, and he drives without a seatbelt just on principle.  He's been stopped, but wasn't ticketed because he told the officer, "wearing a seatbelt
is against my religion."  I guess he got points for originality.

So, Happy Birthday to my baby boy...a six foot five, big ol' teddy bear, and my heart hurts everytime I look at you because I love you so much.  I hope this year brings you the healing you need, the trust you seek, and as much love as your heart can hold.  You and your brother have been two of life's greatest gifts...and challenges.


Adam's Mom said...

Since I was there in person or close communication for the majority of his escapades, I feel qualified to say Brett has turned out to be a genuinely good man and father. Though he could try the patience of a saint at times, I could never stay mad at him for long when he would flash that goofy grin with his "aw shucks" attitude. I can also say that you did good, sister, and I'm proud to be Brett's Aunt. I know he would be there for me if I ever needed anything. So cheers to Brett today and I wish a happy birthday to old Bootie Shoenas..the Original Cheeks LaRoux. May he live another 75 years!

Morgan Mandel said...

Looks like you did something right, Ginger!

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