Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Trip Back In Time --or Trying Not to Trip on A Sagging Chest by Ginger Simpson

You know what's fun?  Going back over the years and seeing all the posts you've done in the past and the wonderful guests who have taken time to add their comments and share their books.  I've been truly blessed. I'd share some of the promotions, but I know, that as I've re-released mine when contracts expire, titles change and so do covers.  Probably what I dared share wouldn't be where it used to be and it's out there, but looking entirely different, probably in an improved writing format, and with a cover that better portrays the story.  :)

However, I did come across one blog that still plagues me to this day.  How is it that in the age of technology we have reached, we can't manage to find a missing airplane OR design a bra that fits the bill?

Here's a post I shared in 2007.  It's still a valid complaint today.

Lock & Load???

It's that Bra thing again

Not to beat a dead horse, but I'm frustrated over technology's inability to design a brassiere 
that has staying power. I want a 'lock and load' version. One that doesn't self-adjust during 
the day, dropping my bosom out of the area in my clothing designed for it. You'd think if
 clothiers add a fitted bodice, they'd come up with a bra to keep your boobs put. 

For heaven's sakes, we have safety clasps to keep our earrings on, extra chains to protect our
 necklaces from becoming lost, and spacers to make our rings fit. Why can't we have a bra that
 is comfortable yet dependable? Is that too much to ask?

I'm past caring if tampax can absorb a balloon full of water, or if my pads have wings.
My body doesn't need those things anymore. I don't want underwear that has a modesty panel 
in the front and a string up the butt, and I could care less if my feet stink or my nose runs, 
but I do want something to support my chest and keep it off my keyboard. For the next 
American Inventor out there...please deliver. The big (or in my case...long) chested women of
 the world are counting on you.


Fiona McGier said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Ooh, Ginger, give me a minute to catch my breath!

I'm with YOU! I don't wear what I call "butt-floss", even though my daughter has tried to convince me her panties are more comfortable than my cottons. (Have you ever seen "thong-pads"? I swear they're in the stores! How the hell that tiny bit of padding is supposed to catch what sometimes is like Niagara Falls, is beyond me! Don't these ad-folks ever invite women into their boardrooms?)

I also don't own any make-up and I never wear heels anymore. I still have a pair, for nostalgia's sake. If my husband wants to see my legs in nylons and heels, I'll put them on briefly, so he can tear them off. But the quicker the better--I can't even walk in them!

I also hate padded bras, mostly because I haven't needed padding since I had my first kid almost 30 years ago. My daughter wears those things with the foam-insulation that keep nipples invisible. She'll even go so far as to quiz me before we leave the house, asking me if I'm wearing a bra--I've been known to NOT wear one for the comfort of it, since I own a few "shelf-bra" camis. Of course when I wear them, the "girls" sag quite a bit...but I prefer that to chafe marks on my ribcage and indents on my shoulders...especially in the summer. Thanks so much for sharing this blog again, since I missed it the first time.

Ginger Jones Simpson said...

My kinda girl!!! My body is building a shelf for my boobs, but I prefer not to use it. I must wear one when I type or I get all kinds of strange characters in my words.

Thanks for stopping by.

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