Monday, April 14, 2014

Meet Cassie Fremont from Betrayed

“Go on Get out there. You promised to do this, remember?” *Ginger pushing Cassie onto the stage*

 *Cassie digs in her heels* “Okay, okay, I’m going, but I’d like to remind you that you’ve already put me through hell in that friggin’ book of yours.

” *She approaches the microphone and taps it* “Can everyone hear me?” *smiles* “My name is Cassie Fremont and I’m the head female character in Betrayed. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to share with you that Ginger hasn’t already divulged in the story. God knows she told you everything. *rolls eyes* I guess nothing is sacred when it comes to novels.”

 *Pulls up nearby stool and inches her butt onto it. Heaves a big sigh, and runs her hands along her slacks while peering into the bright lights over the crowd.* “Well, I promised her I’d make an appearance today,  so I’ll get on with it.” *Shrugs* “I’m a dolt What can I say? I found myself divorced, middle-aged and lonely. I share a home with my mother because I don’t want her to live alone, but she pretty much keeps to her own part of the house. I have a lot of spare time so I entertain myself with the Internet. Don’t we all spend time on the computer? Well, I happened across a dating site one night…big deal I figured it wouldn't hurt to join and see what happened. I never expected anyone… Okay, that’s a lie. I wouldn't have joined if I hadn't hoped someone would notice my post. I just didn't expect things would turn out so wrong."

 *Cassie rises, pulls microphone from stand and walks toward edge of stage.* “I admit I was flattered at all of Evan’s flowery words and his Texas accent, but I have no idea what happened to my common sense. I’m quite sure everyone was stunned to learn I let a virtual stranger move into my house… and my bed. *gazes down at stage* I guess if you’ve never been afraid of growing old alone, you can’t fathom why I did what I did.” *Pauses, pinches the bridge of her nose, then peers out at the audience again* “I should have listened to my sister and brother, but I didn’t. Instead, I flew into a rage and wrote them off. For two long years, they weren’t part of my life, but I was so wrapped up in myself and Evan, I didn’t miss them until things got so bad I had no where else to turn.” *Shakes her head*

 “Hey, talking about this is depressing the hell out of me. I’ve moved on to newer pastures. If you want to know the whole story, you’ll ust have to buy a copy of Betrayed…*stares at the ceiling for a moment* “Boy, was I ever.”

 *Walks back to stand and replaces microphone but remains standing  in front of it*  I can't say it was a pleasure being here today, because no one likes to admit being an idiot, but crap happens. All I can say is if I pull another idiotic stunt, I sincerely hope my sister will have the courtesy to forgo writing another book about it. I could write a journal about her stupidity, but I haven’t. Have a good day everyone, and be careful when you look for love in the wrong places.  *looks backstage and flashes a glare, then exits to applause*

*Ginger walks onto stage clapping with audience and pauses at microphone*  I’d like to thank my sis for being so gracious and honoring her word to be my guest today. Betrayed is available on my Amazon page at for only $2.99.  Books We Love really puts out some great stories for low prices. *Looks stage left*

 Now that Cassie has gone,  I can divulge, I am working on another story about her life...this book will be called Deceived.  I think you can see a pattern developing here.  Cassie is just such a good model for my relationship series, I can't ignore all the fodder for a great story, can I? Anyhow...Thanks for coming, and I hope you'll read and review Cassie's story.  Good Day to you all.

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