Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Page Straight From Ann Herrick's YA - #apagestraightfrom

How To Survive a Summer Romance (or Two)
Ann Herrick

Slowly I waded in up to my knees. I was used to the heated community pool back home.

When I stopped with the water just barely covering my knees, Troy said, "You'll never get in at that rate."

Next thing I knew, Troy grabbed me and lifted me into his arms. Before I could even decide how I should react, he lowered us both into the water.

For a second, the cold sliced right through me. After a moment I felt better, but I was seriously aware of being in Troy's arms.

"You can let go now," I said, trying to make a joke of it. "I won't try to escape."

Troy laughed, and slowly released me from his grip. "Come on. I'll race you out to that rock."

Almost before I could see where he was pointing, Troy started swimming. What he didn't know was that I was one of the best swimmers in my P.E. class. In a few strokes, I caught up to him. He looked surprised when my hand touched the rock just inches ahead of his.

Troy made a point of scrambling onto the rock first and giving me a hand up. "You're a good swimmer."


For a while we sat quietly, watching the blue water ripple gently toward shore. I enjoyed the combination of a cool breeze and warm sunshine. An innocent enough situation.

Then Troy broke the silence. "Ever since you moved in next door I've been watching you."

I tried not to be flattered and responded ever-so-casually. "Oh?"

"I couldn't take my eyes off those great legs of yours when I saw you on the porch this morning."
"Oh?" I said again, only more interested this time. Troy was probably just handing me a line he'd used a thousand times. But one of my major faults is that I can't resist a compliment, sincere or not.

"Yeah …" Suddenly Troy put his arms around me and pulled me close. The next thing I knew he was kissing me. And I wasn't stopping him. Even though the kiss struck me as something Troy had carefully perfected through plenty of practice, I couldn't deny the excitement that shot through me. No one, not even Brian, had ever kissed me like that. And I'd so never reacted as strongly.

I didn't want to stop. But something told me I'd better.

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Sydell Voeller said...

An excellent excerpt. I'm hooked!

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