Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Freebits with Ginger #frifreebits #blogshare

Hi, and welcome to Friday Freebits, where a group of authors share six paragraphs with you each week. I ask them to link back to me where the main list is shown.  So, after you've read my contribution, hurry on over to the next person in line and enjoy their offering:

This week, I'm staring with six paragraphs from my western historical, and sequel to Destiny's Bride, White Heart, Lakota Spirit.  This is from the prologue:

Grace trudged along behind the wagon, struggling to keep up with her mother. Though the prairie grass grew knee-high in some places, the wheels found the dust hidden below and spiraled the powdery dirt into the air, covering her hair and skin. Her muscles quivered with fatigue.
The day stretched on as her father kept the family moving, in search of the right place to stop. The more exhausted she became, the more her thoughts turned to bitterness. Why did they have to leave their home?  Was it this stupid thing called gold fever?  She didn’t want to live in a wagon. She wanted her own soft bed back… and her own cozy home.
She smacked her dry lips and cursed the day her father announced the beginning of this horrible journey. He’d walked into the house, slapped his hat against his knee, displayed his usual heartwarming smile and said, “Pack up the wagon. I’ve got a plan that’ll make us rich.”
The anger she experienced then gripped her again.  Grace had just gotten used to being in one place for any length of time. She’d actually found friends her own age and enjoyed their company. Now, surrounded by endless prairie, and glancing at her family, she realized how much she missed her classmates. Tears clouded her eyes.
 The creaking wagon wheels, plodding hooves, and rustling grasses were the only sounds she heard.  Pa guided them toward the distant mountains—the Black Hills, where precious ore supposedly ran in golden veins so thick the brightness rivaled the sunrise. Funny, from where she stood, they looked like any other mountains.  Nothing more than granite peaks jutting from a sea of grass and dotted with trees and scrub brush.

Mama marched through the weeds ahead, her head held high and her shoulders squared against the growing wind. Where did she get her stamina? She seemed to be faring better than Grace. Her mother’s admirable tenacity and devotion to Papa went without saying. Even when he uprooted the family, Mama never complained. If given the same opportunity, would Grace be such a follower, she wondered? Would she ever get a chance to find out? Suitable husbands didn’t pop up in the middle of nowhere. Being an old maid seemed her fate in life. 

Next week, I'll continue, but if you can't wait, all my books are available via my author's page.


Margaret Tanner said...

Nice excerpt Ginger.



Tricia McGill said...

I'm reading one of yours now Ginger. This one is next on my list.

Rhobin said...

You show the situation so clearly and poignantly. Enjoyed the six.

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