Sunday, July 20, 2014

Scheduling your Posts - with Ginger Simpson #blogscheduling

Good day to you!  Just a quick blog to let you know that both Rita and I are gone for the week.  She's off panning for gold, visiting some research places, and my hubby and I are going camping in our new RV.  After a somewhat shaky start with a broken toilet and a leaky kitchen faucet, we are facing the wilds again, but this time with replacements working well.  Wish us luck!

Anyhow, the joy of blogger I wanted to share is the ability to schedule your posts in advance so you don't miss a beat.  Rita, bless her heart, has blogged clear into November, while I'm getting there.  So, our blogs will be here, but we won't.  If we don't comment or share posts right away, don't think us lazy.  We're just taking a well-earned (on Rita's part) vacation and trying to do something fun.  Me?  I'll be writing.  Camping is when I do my best.  We'll set the alarm, feed the attack dogs and be on our way.

Be back next week.  Take care and stay safe.  I hope I can come back and brag about all the progress I've made, whether it be on The Well or Yellow Moon.  :)

P.S.  As soon as we get home, hubby has to repack for a trip Hot August Nights.  Nineteen years ago on August 1st, we got married in a fever (to can Elvis' song), and Kelly's off to celebrate and probably try to find a new bride.  This one has gotten old, fat and complacent.  :)

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