Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Freebits with Ginger Simpson #frifreebits #blogshare

It's Friday and time for another six paragraphs from Discovery, my short story collection.  There's nothing like a short story to fill the time in the doctor or dentist's office, and you can quite often finish and feel satisfied that you can move on to the next when you have a chance.  I love short stories, and I hope you enjoy the offering today.

Hurricane Warning

"Who in the world would be out in this weather?" Linda mumbled.  On her way to find out, she stubbed her toe on the leg of the coffee table and groaned.  The pain intense,she stumbled on into the foyer.

She turned the doorknob and the wind's force caught the door and heaved it inward. The blast blew her off balance, but she steadied herself and used her weight to keep the oak portal partially closed to the blowing rain.  Someone in a yellow parka huddled on her doorstep.

"May I help you?"  she asked, whisking a wayward hair away from her mouth, her tone unwelcoming.

A face materialized from beneath the slicker.  Masculine eyes, dark as onyx peered at her.  "I was wondering the same."

He swept back his hood, allowing his ebony hair to dance in the blustery current.  His square jaw and tanned face softened with a smile.  "I'm your neighbor from down the street.  I thought perhaps I might be of assistance  My sister, Marcie, tells me you live alone.  If this storm notches itself up a bit, we're in for a turbulent night."

Against warning bells about strangers, she sought escape from the elements.  She knew his sister...maybe, the name rang vaguely familiar.  "Please,come in."  Linda gestured but kept a tight grip on the door to keep it from slamming into the wall.  Her heart thudded.  Would her murder top the evening news? She could see the headline now, "Stupid woman opens door to stranger during storm."

So...will the handsome strange murder her, or has he really come to help?  Linda didn't expect a Hurricane in her new home, but she didn't expect a caller in the midst of a storm, either.  Want more?   Discovery is available on my amazon page.

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Rhobin Lee Courtright said...

Provocative title but not sure whether due to weather or her visitor. Great start to a short story.

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