Tuesday, September 23, 2014


In the world of motivation, tens of thousands of words have been thought up, written down, and spoken out on the subject.

But it actually comes down to just four.

What is your Why?

That's it. That's the source of all motivation, no matter the hope, goal, or dream.

When you know your Why--the reason you are after what you're after--you have the engine of action at your fingertips.

Many of my readers and clients know what they want; they've spent years crafting the vision in their minds.

But when I ask why they want it, few know. Hence their lack of motivation.

I want you to tap into your Why, not the surface ideas such as more money or less weight, but the core reasons beneath your needs and wants.

What are you truly after? What will success bring into your life? How will the future change for the best after you've achieved your goal?

What is your Why?

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