Thursday, October 2, 2014

Friday Freebits with Ginger #frifreebits

Another Friday, another six paragraphs for you to sample. Continuing with Destiny' Bride, here we go:

I notice a particular young man monopolized most of your evening, Cecile.  I didn't recognize him. Who is he?"  Her father halted to light a cigar.

As expected, the conversation turned to the subject she dreaded discussing.  She hesitated before answering, certain her father would find fault with Walt's breeding.  There was no use avoiding the topic.  Tomorrow, when he met with Walt and his aunt about the loan, her father would learn the truth anyway.  Why not show her interest in the mystery man?

"His name is Walt Williams, and he's here visiting his aunt for a few days at her  boarding house." Cecile's tone bordered on defensive.

She turned to her mother.  "He's really very nice. Can I invite him to Sunday supper, can I please, Momma, please, please?"

"Now Cecile, I...."

"No!  That wouldn't be proper."  Her father expressed his opinion in a most resounding manner, leaving his wife with her mouth gaping.  "After all, you've just met, and we know very little about him."  With Father's deep inhalation, the tip of his cigar flickered deep red.


As you can probably tell, Walt came to the Spring Fling.  He's actually in town to ask his aunt to help him secure a loan for a "ranch" that is his dream.  Of course, he hasn't put two and two together and figured out that the very gal who caught his eye is the daughter of the town banker.  Until next week...check out Destiny's Bride and my other work on my Amazon Author's Page.

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