Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Freebits with Ginger Simpson #frifreebits

Did someone respond to Cassie's email?  Let's see how "Betrayed" is moving along.

As soon as she touched the mouse, his profile appeared, Blue Eyes. Despite her better judgment, Cass sat and started typing.

Hello back,
Glad you answered. This is my first time doing this, but then I bet everyone says that. I never thought I’d be corresponding with a mystery man.

I read your profile and enjoyed what little I read, but I’d like to know more about you, too. I consider myself to be an independent woman and, like most others out there, I’m looking to meet the right guy. I’ve been married once, but he certainly wasn’t the one. What kind of business do you own, Evan? 

I’m in the insurance business and live alone in the San Fernando Valley. Where are you? I think it’s a little too soon for a phone number exchange. Do you mind if we just email one another for a bit?
Hope to hear from you soon.


Before she changed her mind, she clicked send. While turning off the computer, she wondered what possessed her to be so impulsive…so desperate.

She shrugged. No harm done. He probably wouldn’t answer anyhow.


So, someone named "Blue Eyes" responded.  Hmmm.  Wonder where this will lead.  Tune in next week and let's see.

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