Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some Tips Directly From Sonia Marsh #GutsystoryAnthology

Remember when I requested you to visit Sonia Marsh's site about my having written a "Gutsy" story?

I won that small competition, but I guess I was in a fog because I never realized until I received an email about book number three coming soon, that my winning story appears in the 2nd anthology.  I just ordered my copy, and I pirated Sonia's suggestions as to how to launch your book with success.  Thought I'd share.  Sonia also has information on her site about how to appear in her next venture, plus she has tips for authors in additional to how to launch your books.  Check her out and view the pictures of her launch for the second anthology.

You can find Sonia Marsh and her "Gutsy" page at:

Tips to a Successful book launch

  • Start 3-4 months before
  • Offer a panel of speakers to entertain your audience based on your book’s theme
  • Have a moderator (locally famous if you can)
  • Hire a local publicist to help you get local media attention
  • Think outside the box of what organization might be relevant to your book’s topic and invite them to join
  • Pick a nice venue
  • Offer food and wine
  • Charge people for the food and wine, and offer a “free” book to everyone
  • Sign up with Eventbrite on FB
  • Use the Eventbrite countdown widget on your blog (Contact me if you need help with this or any marketing suggestions)
  • Offer great door prizes
  • Make each person on your panel speak for 5 minutes or so
  • Engage the audience and get the moderator to have Q & A
  • Invite everyone to review your book on Amazon 
  • Be kind, helpful and chat with everyone

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