Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Freebits with Ginger Simpson #Frifreebits

Let's come back to Betrayed and see how Cassie is faring with her online connection.

Cassie walked by the computer for the third time since coming home. She and her mother had already eaten dinner and Mom had retired to her own part of the house. Carson, Cassie’s co-worker who rented the spare bedroom, was out of town. Why in the world was she trying to be so nonchalant? It wasn’t like she was picking up a real, live person in a bar for heavens sake. She was only putting off checking email in her own home, and totally alone.
Curiosity got the best of her. She sat, turned on the tower, and waited. She chewed her bottom lip out of nervous habit. A tennis match of ‘what ifs’ bounced through her mind. What if he didn’t answer? What is he wasn’t serious, what if…? Good grief, she sounded like a love-starved schoolgirl.
Finally, the logon option appeared. She clicked into her inbox and scanned the messages. Amidst the annoying spam she saw his email, and fingers trembling, opened it.

It’s me again. Sorry I was a little quick in asking for a phone number. I’ve always been anxious when a beautiful woman is involved and I’m assuming you are beautiful! I’m still waiting for a picture. I’ve attached one of me here rather than posting it on my profile. If you think you can stand getting to know an ugly critter like me, write back and tell me more about yourself.
You asked about my business. I own a landscaping design company on the Texas/Oklahoma border. I’m no millionaire but I make a good living. I’m just looking for the right woman to share my life. I, like you, have been married once. I have two darling daughters but no strings attached. The ex and I parted on good terms and she doesn’t need my help. She comes from a wealthy family. Lucky me! Feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know. My life is an open book.
Hope to hear from you soon,

She clicked on the attachment. A picture crept down from the top of the screen. “Damn! Hurry up machine!”
Finally, Evan was fully revealed. He was slim, very slim. Dressed in tight-fitting jeans, and a sleeveless shirt, he had well-defined muscles. His face, half-hidden under a cowboy hat, appeared to be as tan as his arms, but she couldn’t see those blue eyes after which he had named himself. A long, drooping mustache hid most of his mouth, but the masculine appeal of the visible frown lines and macho image held her captive.

She leaned in for a closer look. Darn! He didn’t look very big; they probably weighed about the same. In her opinion there was nothing worse than sitting next to a man and noticing her leg was bigger than his. Men who were large boned and athletic-looking were the ones she found most attractive, and Evan certainly was not that, but there was something about him that held her interest. Besides, she hadn’t had much luck finding her preferential man. She massaged her chin in thought. Maybe her standards were unrealistic. After all, she had passed middle-age.

Hope ya'll come back next Friday for another installment.

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