Tuesday, January 13, 2015

FINALLY...Yellow Moon by Ginger Simpson

I was inspired by my love of western historical romances to write Yellow Moon's story.  Who is she?
Yellow Moon is a young Lakota maiden who accompanies her family to the traditional Sun-Dance held anually by all the tribes of the Sioux.  They meet, mingle, find spouses, and on the last day, braves who choose to participate are tethered to a tree by skewers in their chests  and dance until the skin breaks free.

Sounds barbaric, doesn't it?  Honestly, it's a tribute Indian men make to the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, thanking them for past blessings and hoping to garner futures ones...like plentiful buffalo.  To think, we just pray to give thanks and request strength.  I don't think I could endure the pain that Sun Dancers experience, so I'd be happy that there are lesser roles for participants.  Of course, in the story, I also touched on the women's function at the dances.  I think the biggest lure to the festival was all the feasting and celebrating that went on.  No matter who you are, parties are fun!

I love American Indian history, and my fondness for the Lakota proves I must have been one in another life.  I checked my chest for scars and I didn't find any, so I must have been a chicken back then, too.

Hope you'll read Yellow Moon's story...and enjoy it!  It's available on my Amazon page.

Cover by Michelle Lee

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