Thursday, January 15, 2015

Granny Panties - Ginger Simpson

I first shared this post in 2009, but with a different picture.  You'll still get the point.  :)
My friend, Rita, shared a joke today about sayings
 things you wish you could take back. She reminded me,
 not of something I'd said, but something that was said
 TO me. I can laugh about it now, but at the time,
 it wasn't all that funny. :)

I'd worked with a woman for years,
discussing her recent shopping trip and
 all the year-end bargains she'd found.
While discussing her purchases, the topic
 turned to the panties she bought.
Her dialog went something like this:

"I bought the same panties I've been
 getting for years. Same size as always,
 and I got them home, took a shower and
 put on a pair. I was shocked, absolutely shocked.
 I checked the label twice to make sure
 they were my size, but although the tag said they were,
 they hung on me.They were huge. The legs gapped,
 the seat sagged,and the waistband was evidently made to fit
 someone obese. I should have held them up before I bought them. I certainly would
 have noticed something wrong, because I don't think I've ever seen
 anything so big in my life."

Without blinking an eye, she turned to me and said.
 "Do you think you could wear them?"

Although I was taken aback by her comment, I swallowed my pride
 and quickly responded, "Well, if I can't, I can probably cover my car with them."

The sad ending to the story: They fit!!!


Roseanne Dowell said...

I'm glad you can laugh about it. Such a rude comment. I don't understand why people feel they need to hurt a person like that. And they do it in a way that makes it sound like they're doing you a favor.

Rita Karnopp said...

Say girlfriend . . . that's just wrong - and people say things without thinking. I've been trying to remember 'don't say anything you wouldn't want someone to say to you' - it's enlightening how many times I have to just shut my mouth! You've already lost 30 pounds . . . keep at it - and soon you can offer them back to her - heck - you already can!! LOL

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