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Sunday Snippets with Ginger Simpson Replayed on Friday -

Sorry for the confusion, but next month, Rita is going to be blogging on Fridays.  I'm in the midst of a move and today is my last day of Internet until next week.  Needless to say, I haven't had time to post a new blog, so you get a rerun here as well as TV.  Rita is only going to blog one more month then I'm not sure of the fate of the blog.  Don't know if I can keep it going by myself.  So...enjoy this scene from Culture Shock, and I'll be back on line as soon as I get service at our new place.  I'll be so glad to see no more boxes and bins.  :(

This Week from Culture Shock:

Alex stood in front of his locker and changed into his uniform, then checked his gear. He loaded ammunition into his nine millimeter, and fastened the gun in his holster. His thoughts constantly strayed to Cynthia. He couldn't get her off his mind.
"Hey, Alex!" His patrol partner, Mike, interrupted some pleasant thoughts. "I can't help but notice a smile on your face this morning. Usually, you're grumpy as hell on Monday." He dropped his jeans and changed into his own uniform.
Alex finished adjusting his tie and turned. "So, grumpy am I? How come you never mentioned it before?"
"I just figured it was your normal Monday routine, but you shot that theory all to hell. So, tell me…what’s changed?”
Alex closed his locker and started toward the exit. "None of your damn business!"
"Aha! A woman. I knew it!"
“You think you're so smart. What makes you think it's a chick?"
"What else could it be? You got laid didn't you?"  He tagged after Alex through the rows of metal cabinets, yapping at his heels like an annoying dog.
Alex snorted. "I wish. It's been so long, I'm not sure I'd remember what to do."
Mike caught up with him at the door and grasped his shoulder. "That’s something you never forget, partner. It's like a bicycle…you just get on and pedal as fast as you can."
The sex talk made Alex uncomfortable only because it brought visions of Cynthia lying beneath him. He shook off the image. "It's no big deal. Besides, I think your  time and attention would be better spent focusing on our assignment. We've got to uncover something to lead us to the killer. C'mon, it's time to hit the road and catch the bad guys." He pushed through the door.
After roll call, Alex handed over a sheet of paper to Mike which had addresses they were supposed to check out.  He hoped to avoid any further discussion of his personal life and concentrate on their job.  His hope was short-lived, when Mike grabbed his arm just outside the meeting room.

"Wait a minute. You aren't going to get out of this so easy. What's her name and where did you meet her?"
Alex shrugged off his grasp, and continued outside to their patrol car. "What does it matter? You don‘t know her."
"Come on, Alex. Spill." Mike followed on his heels, still yapping. "You've been celibate for almost two years ... or is it longer? I'm your partner. I need to know these things." He laughed.
Alex stopped with his hand on the door handle. "Okay, okay. She lives in my apartment building and her name isn't important. Are you satisfied?"
"You lied didn't you? You did it. Was she good?"
Alex opened the car door, but before he got in, he peered over the roof at Mike. “You’re a pig. It's not like that. We've only seen each other a couple of times and she’s a real lady.  Just get in the car."
As the passenger, Mike pulled his seat belt forward and inserted the buckle into the latch. "Well, if  you didn't get laid, and you're this happy, I don't know if I'll be able to stand you when you do."
Alex fought a smile and, leaving the Bayview Police headquarters, drove across Oakdale, in the direction where the latest victim had been found so he and Mike could go over the crime scene one more time in hopes of finding overlooked clues. The Crime Scene Investigation team made a thorough sweep of the area already, but the Chief wanted to make sure they missed nothing.  The pressure from the public over this case weighed on everyone’s shoulders.  Alex wasn’t one to leave things to chance so he was fine with a follow-up despite his partner’s complaining.
Alex made a quick right turn into a narrow alleyway and stopped the cruiser directly in front of the yellow police tape that still marked the spot. They'd have to walk to where the victim's body had been discovered.
A sick feeling crept into the pit of Alex's stomach when he stood over the spot where the young woman's lifeless body had been dumped. The chalk outline on the asphalt served as a grim reminder that someone had lost a loved one. He knew what that felt like. His jaw tightened with the growing need to catch the son-of-a-bitch who obviously enjoyed torturing people.
He turned to his partner. "Let's canvass the area one last time. You start at that end of the alley and I'll start at this end."
Mike sighed. "Alex, you know the area has already been gone over with a fine-toothed comb. What do you expect to find?"
"Look for anything that might have a bearing on the case. The perp's eventually going to screw up and leave something to lead us to him."
Mike stomped to the alley's opposite end. Head down, he took measured steps, but his low grumblings echoed off the brick walls.
"Any luck?" Alex called from halfway.
"No." Mike held up his hands. "But I don't know what in the hell I'm supposed to find."
"I‘m not finding anything either. I guess you're right. We may as well give it up, at least for now. We have the addresses of other nearby alleys. The perp seems to like them."
Back in the car, Alex started the engine. He glanced over at Mike. "Thank you for humoring me. At least I feel like we've really done our best."
Mike smiled. "No problem, partner. I might come across as a jerk when you ask me to do certain things, but your devotion is what I like about you. You always give a hundred-and-ten-percent."  He read off the next address for Alex.

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