Sunday, February 15, 2015

Raising the Question of Autism Causes by Ginger Simpson

My sister shared a story with me last night which got me thinking...something my Dad shared with her when she was pregnant with her third child.  She had never had a sonnegram (ultrasound) with either of her first two and was about to have one with her third.  My dad, who has passed) shared with her his experiences of ultrasound since he worked with chemical companies who used the process.

Gwenn, was on her way to the doctor and mentioned her intention with Dad.  He simply said, "you don't need one."  When she questioned him, he asked her if she knew what ultrasounds were used for in his line of work.  Of course, she didn't, and he told her companies used ultrasound in huge doses to break down corrison in jet engines and steel containers, among many other things.  He asked her to imagine what even a small dose could do to a small, forming brain. At higher power levels, ultrasound is useful of changing the chemical properties of substances.

She didn't take his advice and had an ultra-sound.  Her third child  was born with a distinctly different and withdrawn personality.  Since I have an autistic grandson and his parents have tried all types of things:  gluten free diet, epsom salt baths, deleting different things from his diet, etc, and nothing has worked, I'm still curious why Autism is on the rise and no one seems to have an explanation.  I don't believe the condition is even prevalent in countries where they do not have ultrasonic technologies.

The moral of this story is that my dad forecast that in 30 years (which it has been), there would be tons of children with something wrong with them, and no one would know how it happened or why?  You may find women who had ultra sounds and perfectly healthy children, but can anyone tell me they know of a woman with an Autistic child who  DIDN'T have an ultrasound...or in some cases, many of them?

My sisters and I are all in our sixties.  None of us remember children who had the symptoms of autism and ultra sounds weren't done during my child bearing years.  I thought this was very interesting and I wanted to share.  It never hurts to make people think...and when you figure how often ultrasounds are done these days, could there be a coorelation?

Let me know your thoughts.

Here's the link to a video you can watch about how ultrasound cleans metal:

Oh....and BTW, my dad was brilliant.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Interesting. I wonder if anyone ever did a study on this.

Tricia McGill said...

Ginger, the fact is that years ago when we didn't have all these tests and we didn't have mobile phones or microwave ovens etc. we never heard of autism, motor neurone disease, or a multitude of other modern illnesses or disorders. There has to be some connection. But we also have great advances in the treatment of cancer etc. so we have a dilemma.

Margaret Tanner said...

Very interesting Ginger. It could possibly be a cause, I think the authorities should investigate it. And you are right, I had never heard of autism until the last few years. There were no pregnancy ultrasounds in my day either.



Diane Scott Lewis said...

I had an ultrasound with my second child, and he's turned out the best! So I don't know if that is the answer. But I too wonder why autism is on the rise.

Ginger Jones Simpson said...

Like I said...there are doubtless women who had ultrasounds and normal births, but are there women who didn't have one and who has an autistic child. Just wondering. '

I can always count on your four to visit and comment. Thanks for being teamplayers.

Janet Walters said...

I did see cases of autism when I was a nurse but the children were often listed as being mentally ill and often hospitalized. My daughter had ultrasounds with all her children and they are four of the brightest children around. The tests and treatments for these conditions are better these days and no longer do these children have to be hidden in the attic or in some mental institution

Juliet Waldron said...

I'd be more likely to pin autism and the growth of various immune diseases and cancer on the plastic which (literally) permeates our bodies. It's in the ground and in our food animals and in our breast milk. But I also think that autism has been around for a long time--we've just got a name for it--and, I agree, more children so afflicted. Including one of my grands.

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