Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Freebits with Ginger #Frifreebits

Today, I'm starting with a new release, The Well, which is my foray into self-publishing. 

  I also want to share a special announccement with you: After this month, Rita Karnopp is retiring from writing, and I'll be joined by Jamie Hill, a fellow Books We Love Author and friend.  I know you'll enjoy Jamie's posts and work and I feel certain you'll help me welcome her to Dishin' It Out.

My darling Rita has posted all her final blogs into April on her usual days, and after April 9th, Jamie will be blogging on Mondays and Fridays and I will blog on Wednesdays and Sundays.  I'm going to change Friday Freebits to Sunday Snippets and share 6 paragraphs from work (mine and guests), so I hope you'll continue to come read just enough to tease you.  :)  Speaking of's six paragraphs from The Well.

Cover by Charlene Raddon
Harlee cranked the bucket up and shielded her eyes against the sun while looking longingly at the sky for any hint of rain. A few wispy white clouds drifted across a sea of blue, and in the distance, vultures circled some poor critter either dead or dying. Her heart ached for such a gruesome end to life. 

“Are you gonna take all day getting water?” Hannah poked her nose outside. “I’m mighty thirsty, just in case you care.” 

“Hold your horses, would ya? If you think you can fetch a bucket full any quicker, you’re welcome to try.” 

Hannah stuck out her tongue then disappeared back inside the house. No surprise, she wouldn’t put forth any effort. As the baby, she was spoiled rotten. 

Harlee turned her attention back to the chore at hand. The bucket crested the well’s top, only half full this time. The water used to be so high, she often bent over and stared at her reflection.  Doubtful she could see it now; she crawled up on the stone ledge and peered over, searching for any hint of her likeness. Stretching more…she still saw nothing but emptiness. The old stone beneath her grip gave way, sending her tumbling into the black abyss. Numbed by shock, her scream froze in her throat. 

She hit the water, creating a splash, although not a very big one. Pain shot through her head, and she grabbed her scalp to soothe the ache and found a huge lump had already formed. Something dripped down the side of her face. Was it water? She licked her hand and confirmed by the salty flavor—blood. Her attempt to choke back tears failed when the throbbing intensified and matched each beat of her heart. She cried until she got the hiccups, and leaned her head against the wall, waiting for them to stop.

Hope you'll come back next week for another installment.  Just in case you can't wait...The Well is available on my Amazon page. 

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