Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Jamie Hill by Any Other Name...

The internet is a fun place to hang out, but a person must be wary of what they read online. 

For example, there's this little thing called a Google Alert. Anyone can set it to send an email whenever something about them appears online. I set one up many moons ago so I'd know when a new review came out, or something similar. I get a weekly email from Google. 

You would be amazed at how many Jamie Hills there are online. At least one's a lawyer who tries some really interesting cases. One's a football coach (he has his own Wiki page). One is an actress, on Castle I think it said. One was a contestant on The Amazing Race. And one dated Kenny Chesney, or so the rumor goes. 

None of those are me. My Google alerts are almost never about me. And that's okay. Some of those other Jamie's make for pretty good reading! (Or writing. Do I see a story in here somewhere?)

I am fairly high up on the list when you Google my name, somewhere in the top three or so. My website ranks pretty high, and my Facebook page too. 

At Amazon, if you enter my name under 'books' you'll get a list of my books, and any other books with the name 'Jamie' or 'Hill" in the title or author's name. Sometimes you'll see my author page (big smile, silver locks) and sometimes you'll see a fellow by the same name who writes 'BAM! How to do this or that online' books that sell for 99 cents. It's kind of funny, really.

I'm not sure what this musing is leading up to, other than the hope that anyone who is looking for a book written by me, (big smile, silver locks) will either go to my website: or my publisher's website, Books We Love: and not rely on the list of books you see on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any other book retailer. There's a Jamie Hill who writes religious books (God Bless her), and one who writes the opposite style (you go, girl!) But if you wonder if I wrote something, please check it out on one of the official websites.

And the next time you see an article that starts the way my recent Google alert did: "A drunken Jamie Hill was arrested..." you can probably rest assured it wasn't me. I rarely drink more than a sip or two, and usually not even that. I'm tracking my calories, and I've no room for that nonsense!

See you around the WWW. 'Til next time,


Roseanne Dowell said...

I actually found someone who shared my name also. Finding a Roseanne anyone used to be pretty few and far between, but I've found a lot of them lately. What amazes me is how many I've found with my husband's and children's names. I've befriended the one who bears my same name and no, we're not related, she lives in the northwest and I live in the northeast quite some distance apart.

Ginger Jones Simpson said...

What's depressing is when you get an obit for someone with your name who is no longer with us. That's happened to me a couple of times. Sort of leaves a cloud over you.

Juliet Waldron said...

Yes, I've found myself and/or doubles of the names of friends. It does leave an odd feeling behind--and per Ginger, the obit thing has to be the worst.

(Neat blog idea!)

Jamie Hill said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by and the comments. I've yet to find an obit, but I'm sure that'll be coming eventually! Time marches on and all that...!

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