Wednesday, April 1, 2015


White Heart, Lakota Spirit
Ginger Simpson

 Her gaze dropped to examine her hands. Her once-manicured nails were now jagged from hard work, and scraping countless
animals hides had calloused her palms. Gone was the naive and helpless Cecile, and in her place, Green Eyes, a woman who decorated clothing with beautiful quills, made moccasins from softened hides, and even erected tepees.

During their trip to the village, Lone Eagle had kept assuring her she would be safe, but the Sioux’s reception made her question his promise. Curious at first, then angry, the villagers demanded to know why he had brought a white woman to their home. But, little by little she gained their acceptance, and found peace and contentment with the very people she thought hated her.

A few loving faces crossed her mind—Rain Woman, her Un`ci
or grandmother, the tribe’s beloved medicine woman, with her
leathery complexion and toothless grin. And Little Dove, petite and delicately featured, a treasured friend and sister-in-law. Both had been among the first to offer their friendship. Spotted Doe,
Green Eyes’ only real enemy, was dead because she couldn’t accept that Lone Eagle chose a white woman over her. In a pursuit to find where Spotted Doe had hidden Green Eye’s son, the frantic
woman lost her footing and fell to her death. Where had the past eight years gone?

Somewhere in the village another sorrowful cry drew her thoughts back to present–the irony struck her. Today, amongst all the grief, came a reason to celebrate. Lone Eagle would become
the new chief.

This book was published by Eternal Press and is available on my Amazon page in both download and print.  If you know about history between the red and whites, then you will understand  this book is in no way sexist, and I certainly don't see how someone could compare my beautiful cover to something from Fredericks of Hollywood.  These are just some of the comments made by trolls on Amazon, so if you like what you read, I'd appreciate a REAL review.  I'm so pleased that Amazon has changed the review process so that people actually have to READ the book in order to leave comments.

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