Tuesday, April 28, 2015


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Sarah's Getaway
Ginger Simpson

The storm raged, and the silhouettes of dancing trees shone through the window with each lightning strike. After each flash, a crack of thunder rent the air and rumbled the old cabin walls.  Sarah huddled in a corner, shivering  beneath a blanket wrapped around her shoulders to ward off the cold.  The electricity was out, and there was no way she dared venture outside for wood to light the fireplace.  So much for a weekend getaway to forget the stress of working. What she wouldn’t give to be back in the city, snuggled in her big comfy bed with her hunky husband, Wolf, but those days were gone...wiped away the night he was killed in a car accident six months ago. Now she traveled, in a trance-like state, back and forth to the publishing office that employed her.

Her thoughts were jarred by another loud boom.  Startled, she curled into a smaller ball and pulled her woolen cover tighter.  Somewhere in the forest, a tree crashed to the ground and the floor quaked beneath her feet. Despite mourning her husband’s death, her mouth curled into a smile as the oft-asked question, “if a tree falls in the forest…” crossed her mind.  At least the timber hadn’t fallen on the mountain vacation home she and Wolf had purchased together, and that was a good thing, however from the distance between the thunder and lightning, the tempest swirled right overhead.  Maybe she hadn’t escaped Mother Nature’s vengeance yet.  Sometimes Sarah prayed for death too.  Her faith dangled the hope that she would be reunited with her beloved husband.

Sarah’s pocket quivered from the pulsation of her cellphone.  She’d turned the ringer off while she worked on her first novel, but now didn’t mind a distraction from researching the old west.  Writing the genre brought her closer to her dearly departed.  She fished for her phone and grasped it, then held it to her ear.  

“Hello.”  She answered as thunder roared overhead again, causing her to duck her head to her meet her folded knees.

No one answered.  

“Hello!”  Sarah yelled a second response into the mouthpiece, still huddled in her woolen cocoon.

This is the first page from my current WIP which will be the followup to Sarah's Heart and Passion. I truly loved that story and wanted to continue the saga. Sadly, Wolf's passing is going to make a big impact on Sarah's life. I hope you'll be as anxious as I am to see what happens.

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I didn't know you were writing another of these! You go, girl! Good luck.

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