Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Being Compared To Danielle Steel is better than Chocolate...at least today," says Ginger Simpson

I'm so exited.  First I got a terrific deal on 3 months of advertising on Goodbooks.  My foray into the self-pubbed world will be featured on the Amazon U.K. site.  Check it out. http://www.goodebooks.net/UKavail.html 

Then to top my day, I got this wonderful review on The Well.

TITLE:   The Well                                                             AUTHOR:  Ginger Simpson 
DATE: 5/6/2015
REVIEWER:  Carol Langstroth

REVIEW:  The Well  By  Ginger Sampson has written another wonderful period romantic piece. The Well tells the story of a Harlee who fell in a well and when Logan Carruthers finds Harlee, her family and everything the family owned is gone. Harlee must figure out where her family went to while dealing with Logan’s mother.
I must say that Gingers Simpson’s writing in “The Well” is superb.  Harlee’s character is funny and her relationship with Logan’s mother comes alive for me. I have read many of Ginger Simpson’s work and I can’t believe how much she has improved her writing.  I am willing to bet that if she got a decent agent she could be the next Danielle Steel.  For those who love a pure romance story without sexual content than “The Well” is the perfect read. I give this story 5 star rating.

Carol Langstroth

Mind Fog Reviews


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Jamie Hill said...

Congrats Ginger, great review!

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