Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friday Freebits with Ginger Simpson #frifreebits

Walt opened the bank door and followed Aunt May to a large mahogany desk where a rather stern-looking man sat.  Deep furrow in his brow indicated he didn't smile very often, and the nameplate in front of him read Harvey Palmer, President.

Palmer?  Cecile Palmeer...were they related?  The question zipped though his mind, but the man's measuring look over the top of his glasses told Walt it wasn't the appropriate time to make small talk, so he didn't ask.

"Good morning, Mr. Palmer," Aunt May said in a very authoriative voice.  "This is my newphew, Walt Williams, and we're here to see about a loan.

Harvey Palmeer offered her a chair and reached over his large desk and shook Walt's hand.  Walt took a seat next to his aunt.

"As you know, Mr. Palmer," Aunt May said, "I own the boarding house in her town.  The reventue provides me with a very comfortable, yet not extravagant lifestyle. "  She pulled a ledger from her handbag and opened it.  "This should offer proof of my income and continuing profits."

He briefly glanced at the figures and flashed a smug smile. “It’s just too bad your boarding house is in… well shall we say, a less then desirable part of town. Word has it that some of the people you cater to have questionable backgrounds.”

She locked gazes with him. “Look, Mr. Palmer, you may not approve of the manner in which I support myself, but as a businessman, you have to admit that loaning me money would be a sound investment.”  She looked at Walt and patted his hand. “My nephew has his heart set on buying a piece of land, and I’m ready and willing to mortgage my boarding house to get the money he needs.”

Walt felt a pang of guilt for putting his aunt under such unpleasant scrutiny on his behalf.
“Well, I don’t know exactly how much I can loan you,” Harvey Palmer countered. “Like I said, location of the collateral property is important.”

“Mr. Palmer, where my boarding house is situated has nothing to do with its worth. It’s the only one in town, and I have proven it’s a solid investment. I expect you to put aside your prejudice and act wisely by granting my request.”

Harvey Palmer steepled his fingers below his chin. “I fear if I loan money on your establishment, I’m going to be overrun with similar requests. I’m sure you understand my predicament.”


Just a note.  Cecile Palmer is the banker's daughter and has met and is quite smitten with Walt, and he with her.  This is just the beginning, and Walt wants desperately to whisk Cecile away to the new "ranch" he's trying to buy.  Will Harvey Palmer help him realize a dream, or has Walt just met his nightmare?

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