Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Coming Soon ~ Cover of Darkness by Jamie Hill

My summer writing project is to complete book three in my latest series, Witness Security. Cover of Darkness tells the story of US Marshal Ben Markham  and ADA Addison Decker. 

Enjoy a preview of this coming soon title!


Six months earlier
Kansas City, Kansas

“Let’s call it a night. Have a good one, you two.” Mitzi Pomeroy flipped the lock on the front door to her club then waved to the last remaining bartender and waitress. It’d been a busy night and her feet were killing her. She climbed the spiral staircase to the second floor and slipped into her office.

The plush sofa looked inviting, but she didn’t care to stick around any longer than necessary. It was freezing cold outside. She simply wanted to finish the last of her bookkeeping and go home to a warm bath and a glass of white wine. Her thigh-high boots were rubbing one leg wrong, so the first order of business was to remove them. She sat in her desk chair and unzipped the black leather, peeling the boots off one at a time. Picking them up, she swiveled and set the boots aside for another night. She had some warm Uggs to wear home.

Mitzi massaged the ball of one foot for a moment before firing up her laptop to go over the night’s receipts. Removing her cell phone from her pocket, she scrolled through messages for anything important. Nothing that can’t wait. She set the phone aside and turned her attention to her computer.

Business had been as brisk as the weather. Something about cold nights brought people to the club in droves. When she saw the impressive numbers she could only smile. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

A loud crashing noise from downstairs caught her attention. Something had fallen over. Dave and Tricia were normally quick about leaving. She couldn’t imagine they were still here.

Mitzi padded out to the hallway in her nylon stockings and leaned over the railing. “Dave?” she called loudly.

There was no answer.



Damn it. Slightly irritated, she trounced down the stairs to see what was going on. If those two were getting frisky in one of the rooms she might just let them have it. The place was closed. They could take that stuff somewhere else. 

The club was dark and quiet. She didn’t see anything out of place, and wondered what had made the crashing sound. She walked through the bar area and flipped on the first light switch she came to.

Dave was lying on the floor, a pool of blood forming under his body. Stunned, Mitzi covered her mouth with her hands. She bent down to look at his face and spotted a bullet hole in the middle of his head. She still didn’t understand exactly what had happened, but something was terribly wrong.

She turned and saw Tricia’s body lying a few feet away with another bullet hole and a similar pool of blood. Panic gripped her as terror coursed through her veins. Mitzi struggled to remain calm. Must call nine-one-one. 

Patting her pockets frantically, she remembered the cell was on her desk upstairs. No time for that, she hurried to the regular phone on the wall by the hostess’ stand. She grabbed the receiver, but before she could dial, another noise brought her focus back to the bar.

A man dressed in dark jeans and a black hoodie rose from behind the bar, his arms full of liquor bottles. He looked at Mitzi and his eyes narrowed.

She’d never forget the vicious expression on his face at that moment.

He yelled over his shoulder, “Someone else is here!”

Another man appeared wearing the same attire and carrying a loaded canvas bag. “Fuck!” he swore and dropped the bag. 

They’re robbing the place. She didn’t have time to complete her call. She had to get out—fast.

The second man reached behind his back and pulled out a revolver, aiming it at Mitzi.

She glanced around. There was nothing on the hostess stand except paper and pens, but right next to it was a table where they kept a bowl full of promotional giveaways. Currently, it held pink and black stress balls for patrons to take and use as desired. The balls had ‘pleasure or pain?’ printed on them. Mitzi had thought it was cute at the time she’d ordered them.

She grabbed one of the palm-sized rubber balls and chucked it at the head of the man holding the gun. Her aim was off and she missed. But he ducked, which gave her enough time to make a break for it.

Mitzi raced to the front door, unlocked it, and ran shoeless and screaming into the frozen night.

Coming this fall to Books We Love, Cover of Darkness, Witness Security, Book 3.

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