Thursday, June 11, 2015


The following is a true story...a name has been changed to protect the innocent...uh, injured,and hopefully explain why I have no post planned.
I'd just finished my physical therapy for the primary lympedema the doctor diagnosed. I fastened my seat belt and turned to my husband.  "Before we start home, are we going by the kids house?"
"Yeah, if you're feeling up to it."  Kelly started the truck. "I need to pick up my tarp and hooks in case it rains.
"I feel fine, so let's do it.  I'm not sure what lymphedema entails, but the massage and leg wraps sure feel good. Even though I love Heidi, I'm just not so sure treatment is worth driving over an hour each way."
"If it helps, you need to keep coming, Greta."  He pulled into our kid's driveway and stopped behind their truck.
I jumped out of the truck and started for the house while Kelly looked for the tarp our DIL said she'd leave in the p/u bed.  I knew there was a lip on the concrete, but totally forgot until my toe caught on it and I greeted the cement with a loud "oomph."
"Damn it."  Hubby rushed to my side.  "Are you all right? Roll over on your back."
I had no air in my lungs as I hadn't breathed since landing on my knees and skinning the palms on both hands.  Everything stung.  "Just let me lay here  minute. I'm still trying to grasp reality."
When my breath returned and I was able to roll over and sit up, I peered at my red and blood-dotted palms, then examined my knee. OMG.  The pain overcame the surprise of splatting flat on the cement patio.  I was so stunned, I didn't even care if anyone saw.
"You need help up?  Hubby offered a hand.  "You looked like you fell in slow motion."
I accepted his help and stood on wobbly and painful legs Slow motion, my ass, the ground came up and met me so fast, I never saw it coming, but I somehow managed to navigate the steps up the deck where I was greeted by my grandson...this moment began 6-9 weeks of recuperation...One week of which I have already slept and sat for almost 23 hours of each day of the last week in a recliner because my left leg is swollen and painful.  I'm taking two pain pills every six hours and trying to be a trooper, but in reality, I suspect this is only the beginning for me and falling.
Mercury is no longer in retrograde, and although I never believed in how the alignment of the planets can affect one's life, I'm a believer now.  This has been a painful and stressful time and I have no other explanation.  I could write a book.

Jump over to my friend Juliet Waldon's page and see if she's fairing better than I am.
at the ER

My new attire...big enough to fit my linebacker leg.

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