Sunday, June 28, 2015

Opposites in Love series by Janet Lane-Walters ~ Jamie Dug It!

I was advised recently that an author shouldn't blog about, nor review, another author's book because that's sending readers to check out books other than her own. While I can see this might be true from a hard marketing standpoint, frankly, I just don't write fast enough to keep readers enjoying books by ONLY me. (LOL) I have a new novel release approximately twice a year. My friends and co-workers download the book and usually read it within a couple of days. Then they have six months to wait for the next book. So I don't feel like I'm hurting my sales when I bring to light another book I've read and enjoyed.

Recently, it's been a whole series. The last series I devoured like this one was Geeta Kakade's Homespun Romance series. This time it's medical romance by Janet Lane-Walters, the Opposites in Love series.

I read the Aries-Libra Connection first. Jenessa is a nurse and Eric is the Director of Nursing. They have a history that he remembers but she doesn't, which is his concern. They're also on different sides of the hospital union/administration, and she's not sure they have a chance for a future because of it.

Next was the Taurus-Scorpio Connection. Laurel has her own history and Alex has a son. They work at the same hospital as Jen and Eric, and their story is just as compelling and entertaining. I love seeing characters from past books and catching up with their story lines.

Janet's latest release is the Gemini-Sagittarius Connection, Liz and Jeff's story. I'm looking forward to this one a great deal. I understand there are a couple more books to come in this series, and I'm glad. Janet Lane-Walters writes true to life medical romance with characters I come to know and love. I'll gladly pick up one of her romance titles any day.

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