Friday, August 21, 2015

Casting Your Characters - Hero pick for Ellie's Legacy

I'm borrowing part of Michelle Lee's Blog...cover artist for Books We Love and the talent behind my beautiful covers for that publisher.  Michelle asked those of us who wanted to participate to find a picture of the perfect star to play a hero in our book.  I'm sharing with Michelle's permission:

First up on the Red Carpet - we have Tyler Bishop.
Blake Shelton

Character Name:  Tyler Bishop  
Book:  Ellie's Legacy
Author: Ginger Simpson

About Tyler: Handsome and rugged, Tyler is totally bamboozled by Ellie.  One minute she's a flirt, the next minute she acts like she's angry with him.  Although he wants to please her father and show he can be the best foreman ever, Ty's being there seems to be a burr under Ellie's saddle and he's really attracted to her...just not sure if the feelings are mutual.  He tries looking out for her best interest, but that just makes her think he's bossy.  No matter what he does, he's damned.

Ginger's Casting Pick: "I pick handsome country western singer, Blake Shelton to play the role.  He's definitely a good ol' boy with the looks, charm, and definitely the witt to try to do battle with Ellie."

Tyler's Shining Moment: 

It appeared as though Ellie had turned into a full-grown woman overnight, kind of like the newborn foals in the spring. One minute they were awkward and gangly and the next they had filled out and turned into something spirited and beautiful.

Oh, Ellie wasn’t a horse, but she did have spirit, and she certainly was a beauty. The thought of all those curves in the right places and the memory of her luscious lips awakened a distinct part of his body. He tugged at the crotch of his trousers and moved back to the mirror to put on his tie.
If luck was on his side, in a few hours he’d be holding her in his arms, and maybe on the way home, he’d steal another kiss or two.

With that in mind, Ty went outside, stopping at the flowerbed next to the porch. It was only fitting he give his lady something special, but only a few late bloomers remained. Luckily one stood out among the wilted. Carefully, Ty plucked a pale pink rose to give to Ellie in celebration of the occasion.

BLURB:  Tomboy, Ellie Fountain is determined to stop the conniving neighbors from their plot to take her father’s land. She’s an only child, Fountainhead is her legacy. The handsome ranch foreman, Tyler Bishop, is a burr under her saddle and a barrier to her future. Her pa treats him like the son he never had, and Ellie is jealous. She’s out to prove she’s as good as any man at ranching… but her biggest threat may not be the polecats that are killing the cattle and taking potshots at her….it might be her heart. 

If you need a ready made cover or even a banner or two, make sure and check out Michelle Lee's talent:

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