Sunday, October 4, 2015

I'm All Right, Nobody Worry 'bout Me....

by Jamie Hill

I've moaned and groaned off and on all summer long about everything I was going through, and the stress that came with it. My husband took a fall and had to have surgery, both my boys moved away, and job changes at work kept me super busy and rather stressed. 

During all this, I was sidetracked from my spring routine which had included nice weight loss and plenty of writing time. I was frustrated this summer because neither of those things were happening. I was busy as ever, but not seeing results in the two areas that I most wanted.

I've since figured out that I don't adapt well to sudden and unexpected changes in my schedule, so that's something I need to work on. I also need to remember that self-imposed deadlines are just that, and sometimes I just have to lighten up.

Autumn is here. My husband is healing and feeling better. My sons are happy in their new jobs and homes. My job is better than ever, still busy but going along smoothly and I really like what I'm doing. 

Happily, I'm back on track with my weight loss efforts and I'm finally writing again. I've figured out that I'm happiest when I find balance in all areas. Family, health, work and writing are all important to my mental health, which was on shaky ground there for a while. I'm pleased to announce, in my best Kenny Loggin's Caddyshack impersonation, "I'm all right. Nobody worry 'bout me." It's great to finally feel that way again!

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