Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Picture me Sad

Jamie has just contacted me and explained she has to bow out of being my blog partner here.  You can continue to enjoy her posts until the end of the month, but that's it.  Jamie, besides working outside the home, managing a family, and being an author, also works for Jude at Books We Love.  I'm not surprised she's in total overload.  :)

I'd like to publicly thank here for all her interesting shares, and for bringing new friends to the site.  I'm hoping to persuade Roseanne Dowell to continue the journey with me, or else I may have to give up the ghost.

I love all of you who keep following Dishin' It Out, and I hope I'll be able to continue to post interesting fodder for you to read.

Thanks, Jamie.  I hate to see the month end, but I totally understand.

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