Thursday, October 15, 2015

Social Time Suck!!! #facebook #social media

This past week, my youngest son deactivated his Facebook page.  Seeing his intention posted on a group he moderated brought mixed emotions.  How would I be part of his life now?  I used FB to follow his actions, laugh at his posts, and agree with a lot of his political rants.  Now, I wouldn't have that opportunity.  Some jerk had the nerve to post in Brett's comments, that maybe he didn't want Mom hanging around.  Really?  It's not like I was a piece of gum on his shoe.

After a chat with my sister, Glynda, and listening to her point out my options, I decided I could do the same.  I use my pages to promote myself but I'm always worried that no one sees them.  Sure, people "like" my posts, but I don't see any significant inrease in my book sales, so am I truly spending my time wisely? Is making money more important than connections with friends?

When I think of the number of authors who do the same thing I do...every day, regularly:  Log on, share posts on Google, Pinterest, FB and Twitter.  Sharing on Twitter takes much more time for me because I belong to Triberr, which requires that I login and approve up to 75 tweets to share for others in a reciprocial know, you share mine and I'll share yours?

I also decided that while I love my FB friends, following family is often painful and depressing.  While part of me is happy to learn of their plans, I wonder why I wasn't invited, or, even more, when I comment on a post they've made, I'm often shocked at the tone and intent they read into my words that were never meant to be there.  So...what are my options?

I can deactivate my FB page, get rid of my author's page, and create ONE new page under a different name and recruit only friends that appreciate me.  OR....I can leave things as they are and suck it up.
Friends I connect with on FB - A mini-reunion.

After giving my dilemma much thought, I've decided that few people would know me under another name, and why should I put them through one more step to be my friend? Because of slanderous comments on my older son's FB page and his lack of coming to my defense, I no longer follow his posts.  I love him to the moon and back, but I guess I'm not nearly as thick-skinned as I'd like to think, so  if I don't say anything, I can't open myself up to hurt. I've decided my best option is to  stop commenting on other people's posts, unless of course I have something worthwhile to add, and spend my time doing other things.  I have a layer of dust that could stand my attention.  *lol*

Being an author is much harder than it used to be.  Now, those who reviewed my work back in the day have decided to write their own books, and the competition is overwhelming.  Plus, promoting and marketing itsn't cheap, and when your royalty check barely covers a happy meal, the investment comes right out of your own pocket.  Writing isn't for sissies...or poor people.  *smile*

 The landscape of the industry has changed...especially with Amazon spearheading the sales market and so many people assuming self-publishing is the route to take.  It may well be for the seasoned authors, but those who haven't learned the fundamentals through the editing process are creating a bad image for the rest of us.  Then, add it the "trolls" who prowl Amazon, Goodreads and other public review sites, for books they can dissect or destroy, and you wonder why you still want to be involved.  I can answer that...even after listing all the problems.  I love to write.  Even more...I'm addicted to FB.

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