Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bad News and Good News

As many of you may know, I've been ill and unable to blog for a week or so.  Let me tell you, a hospital is no place to get rest.  Someone was constantly in my room, drawing blood, taking xrays, or monitoring my vitals.  I was so glad to get home, but then you worry if you are going to relapse.  I just saw the doc day before yesterday, and my pneumonia is gone.  Hooray, but now I'm battling asthma which in a lot of ways is more incapacitating.  I had great plans to help a homeless family for Christmas, but I fear my good intentions got waylaid.

Then to add to my woes, Roseanne, my blog partner, notified me, she is leaving Dishin' It Out. Crap!  I really enjoy her posts, and she's been an awesome match.  I really appreciate how she filled in for me.  Of course, I understand.  Blogging can present an additional burden, and I know she has more books to write.  Thank you, Ro, for hanging in with me.

But there is good news.  I've found not one, but two replacements, who've indicated an interest.  Juliet Waldron, a top author for Books We Love, and Connie Vines, another great talent from the same house.

After the holiday, I hope to be up to snuff...whatever that is, and I'll post our new schedule.
Right now, I'm off to hopefully entice Connie to join the team.  This is an established blog, and I hope to keep providing you with interesting and enticing posts.

In the meantime...Happy Holidays to each of you, and thanks for being part of Dishin' It Out.



Rosemary Morris said...

Ginger, So sorry because you had pneumonia and because you now suffer from asthma,

All the best,

Ginger Jones Simpson said...

Thanks Roseary. I think I'm finally on the mend and hopefully back to work on my WIP. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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