Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sunday Snippets #sundaysnippets by ginger simpson

Desperation's Bride - My current WIP

Clara grabbed a shawl from a nail by her bed and slipped  the garment around her shoulders.  “Should I just have Mr. Curtis add the purchase to Linus' account?”

Ma brushed a kiss against her cheek.  “Yes, daughter please do..  He has left me no money and there shouldn’t be a balance at this point.”  She dipped her chin and gazed at the floor..  “Linus may be unkind to you when he imbibes, and I’m sorry for that, but I’ve spoken with him in harsh terms about his treatment of you, and I expect things will improve." She raised her gaze and displayed a smile that appeared forced."He is a good provider though and kind most of the time.” 

The woman looked so sad, Clara struggled against telling of her plans, but thought better until she knew for certain things would work out with Mr. Pollett.  Would he accept her and make her happy…or was she planning a move from the pot to the fire?”

She embraced her mother.  “I don’t blame you, Ma.  I’m fine, and I appreciate you are taking up for me"  Clara gazed at the sunlight shining through the wooden shutters. " I’d best be going so I can get to town and back in time for you to have your flour for dinner fixins'.”

Clara stepped outside.  The August air caressed her cheeks with warmth, but as the sun lowered, the temperature would cool.  She removed her shawl and draped it over her arm, drawing in a deep breath and inhaling the smell of the coming fall.  With any luck, she’d enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas as a new start to life…one she’d treasure.

The walk to town  during the changing of the season   renewed Clara's energy.  Leaves of reds, oranges, and yellow made an artist’s pallet of nature and colored the scenery for the entire trek.  Cheeks warm and breathless from the hike, she heaved a sigh of relief at seeing the mercantile which also served as the local post office..  A bell over the door tinkled her arrival, and before inquiring about the needed flour, she stood at the counter, her heart pounding.

“Hello, Mr. Curtis.  Is there by chance a letter for me?”


This is my next proposed novel, and I'm very excited about it.  Clara is a great communicator, and although this is my first draft, I expect it will turn out great.  I hope you'll come with me on the journey to complete the story. If you'd like to sample some of my other stories, please check out my Amazon page..

In the meantime...I have a few friends I'd like you to visit.  They do Sunday Snippets too:

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Tricia McGill said...

I can't wait to read this one, Ginger-- to find out what she is letting herself in for.

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