Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sunday Snippets with Ginger Simpson #sundaysnips

Happy Valentine's Day.  I hope you're munching on chocolate and enjoying the sweet aroma of the flowers your special person sent you.  I'm not, but that's because I'm trying to lose weight and my husband and I had an argument one year about his buying me flowers from a grocery store.  Since then, I haven't gotten any.  *lol*  Oh well...he shows his love in so many other way, I guess I'll just have to pretend Tom Selleck is here with my special Valentine card and on bended knee asking for my hand.  He can have all of me, if he can handle it.  *lol*

Anyhow..I thought it fitting to share an excerpt from "The Pendant", since it starts with a Valentine's Day Murder and progresses from there.  Hope you enjoy:

Joseph Flaherty wriggled his nose at the musty odor of the old antique shop.  The poor lighting caused him to squint. He sneezed when he opened a cookie jar and sent a cloud of dust spiraling upward.  The lack of cleanliness repulsed him.  He almost left the establishment, but behind the hazy glass of a display case, an antique necklace caught his eye.  He turned his gaze to the clerk across the room.  How much for the neck piece there?  He pointed.
The clerk ceased his meager attempt at cleaning and walked closer.  His bulbous nose protruded from between beady eyes.  Dandruff flakes speckled his shoulders and the part in his dark, greasy hair.  Oh, that necklace.  His bushy brows knitted into one beneath a crease.  Theres a history to that one, ya know?
Joseph straightened and pulled his wallet from his pocket.  Well, do tell, man.  This would make a perfect Valentine gift for my wife.
Laying his cloth aside, the clerk unlocked the display case and removed the silver neckpiece.  I bought this at a Catholic bazaar about a year ago.  I frequent antique shows and happened upon the fundraiser they were having.  The nun in the booth told me a troubled woman left this piece in the confessional, claiming the necklace held some sort of curse. According to the priest there that night, the lady muttered something about murder.  
He handed the pendant over the counter. There was a picture of a man inside who was purported to be the victim, but I discarded it.  After all, one never knows the validity of such tales.  He chuckled.
Flaherty laughed.  My wife threatens to kill me at least once a weeklast time for tracking up her clean floor.  Im thinking this might soften her heart, since she often complains I do nothing for her anymore.  How much do you want to make a woman happy?
Seventy-five dollars.
Make it seventy and you have yourself a deal.
Fair enough.  The clerk held out his open palm.  Were good, then.
Joseph withdrew a hundred-dollar bill and handed it across the counter. 

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