Monday, March 21, 2016

I failed miserably - Ginger Simpson

I admit it....I failed at staying off FB.  I actually deactivated my first page, started a new one, being more selective in my friends, and promised not to be political..I lied.  So, I deactivated my second page and tried to wile away my time doing other things  With two other people in the house on FB, asking me if I saw such and such, I pirated my mother's FB and masqueraded as her in order to spy on the posts.  I actually even left a few comments in my mother's name...until my brother mentioned that whoever hacked his mother's page should find her own.  Can you spell G-U-I-L-T?

So...I miss interacting with my friends and being me,  so I'm back.  I've decided I will comment only on posts that are non-political, and even when I share political posts or Memes from others, I won't comment.  I've decided that's the best I can do to avoid arguing my viewpoint.  I'm saving POV issues for my current work-in-progress.

All in all, it's my page and the opinions I express are my own, and I'm not looking for agreement, so if I tick you off....see ya.  :)


Mikki said...

Regardless of what the egotistical, narcissistic, arrogant, pompous, lying bully Trump says, Ginger, we are all entitled to our opinions, political or not, shared by others or not. Regardless of what the egotistical, narcissistic, arrogant, pompous. lying bully Trump says, his protestors ( YAY PROTESTORS!!!) have the same right to express their opinions as his minions, even though he advocates for his minions to beat the crap out of the protestors, and when they get arrested...IF they get arrested, he will pay their bail.

Now...if you are FOR Trump the Dump, I apologize...but not for expressing my opinion.

Ginger Jones Simpson said...

I am a Trump supporter, but you are definitely entitled to your opinion. No apology needed. The majority will decide or sadly, the crooked RNC will pick their favorite regardless of what we want.

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