Saturday, May 14, 2016

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Okay, you want to write, but you can’t. Every time you sit down to it, you freeze or else write badly. Maybe you’ve always been prolific, but suddenly it’s as if the well has dried up. Is it really writer's block? 

The allure, for me in blogging, is the thought-provoking questions topics available to write out.  Even when I'm without a muse, I can still blog.  ;)

Writer's block for me really isn't the correct term, although it does describe what happens to me.  I prefer to think that my characters turn mute.  *lol*  When I say, I hear voices, there's no need to call the men in white coats.  Without the chatter in my head, I wouldn't have written 99% of the novels and stories I have published.

 I've often blogged about the imaginary revolving door in my head through which my characters pass.  It has no lock, and sometimes, it spins so fast, it makes me dizzy. However, recently, I think my current character put a wedge in the door and then decided to stop leading me on her journey.  Usually when a character pops into my head, they come with a title, cast in tow, and a story they tell that leads me to an unknown conclusion.  I view each novel I've written as a fun experience because I've not known my final destination until I arrive.  Writing for me is sort of like telling myself a long bedtime story.  I'm excited as it unfolds, and I can't wait to see where I'm headed.

Thankfully, my muse is speaking to me again, and I'm writing what will probably be my last novel.  I have no idea what made my main character turn silent, but through some brainstorming with friends, I was able to jump start Clara's story again and now am pretty clear on where Desperation's Bride is headed. When the voices in my head turn mute, I start to worry.  Without them, I'm lost.

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