Monday, May 23, 2016

What the h&$#?????

I just had a heart-attack. Okay, not really, but it certainly felt like I did when I clicked on the icon for Microsoft Word and got an error message that said Office wasn’t available on my computer.


Moment of utter panic, heart pounding its way right into the back of my throat…and then like any one with a lick of common sense would do, I cussed out the computer. Oh, that’s not really common sense, is it? After I called my poor lap top everything but an artificial intelligence, I shut it down, rebooted, and voila! There was Word again, and all the other Office programs.

The whole time the computer was shutting down and the rebooting, I was whispering a mantra of “Be there. You have to be there. Where could you have gone?”

Sometimes, I hate Microsoft. Other times, I really, really hate Microsoft. This was one of those really, really hate moments. But, it’s all good now. I’m able to write this blog post, I’ll get it scheduled to go live, and then I can go back to writing my latest WIP.

Stop freaking me out, Microsoft!


Roseanne Dowell said...

I can relate. Just this morning I lost my sound. What the heck? I had it last time I was on the computer. Thank goodness it came back after I rebooted. Crazy computers rule our lives.

Mikki said...

I can relate, also. I truly hate Microsoft. I hate their automatic updates which cause my (new) laptop to take forever to boot up afterwards. I hate they are trying desperately to get me to download Windows 10. If I can ever afford one...probably never...I'm going to buy a Mac. Take that, Microsoft!

Ginger Jones Simpson said...

Nothing scares you as bad as the thought of losing all your hard work. Thanks for the reminder that I need to back up my files.

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