Sunday, July 3, 2016

Horse from Hell

I love horses. Big ones, little ones, solid colors, bright, loud, flashy ones, even the polka-dotted ones that I tease a few of my friends when I say I never met one I liked. I love most art work featuring equines. However, I HATE this horse.

I’ve seen him up close and personal a few times when I’ve flown into Denver, and there is nothing about this sculpture that I like. He seriously gives me the creeps. He’s called “Blucifer” or DIAblo (using the FAA three letter call sign for Denver International Airport) by the locals, though his official name is “Blue Mustang.” He’s supposed to symbolize the wild, untamed spirit of the west. Yeah…he looks more like something that escaped from Hell. Spirit of the Old West? More like death and destruction, like one of the horses that the Horsemen of the Apocalypse would ride. He did kill his sculptor, Luis Jiménez, when a large section of the sculpture fell on Jiménez and severed an artery in the man’s leg. The demonic thing even has his own Twitter account (, though it doesn’t seem to be very active. My bet is the thing is too busy planning more death and destruction to keep up with his Twitter feed.

Yeah, did I mention I really don’t like this horse?

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