Monday, July 25, 2016

Vacationing Vicariously

One week away from starting our vacation and I have moved from counting days to counting hours. Well, maybe not that anxious to get going, but darn close. Hubster, myself, and two of our closest friends will be heading out to Montana and Glacier National Park and then we will spend several days in Wyoming after Glacier. (Hopefully, we'll still all be friends after this trip, too.)

Because there are going to be three people in this group who have to take a blue-billion photos everywhere we go, I’ve set up a Facebook page to share these photos. Right now, there isn’t much on the page, other than a profile picture and one photo of me and friend’s hubby scrubbing the camper down. (Yeah, dragging a dirty camper all over the country isn’t something I want to do.)

Check there often because I know we’ll have lots to share. That’s the joys of having a semi-retired hubby and fully retired friends. We don’t have to have a schedule, so we can take all the time we want and all the pictures imaginable. 

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