Monday, May 1, 2017

Classic Ginger: Hell Finally Froze Over

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I think I muttered the cliche associated with hell when someone asked if I planned to live with my son and his family for long. Well, it's been a year and I'm still here, doing daycare for my grandson, cleaning, washing, shopping, cooking, and trying to find time to be an author, blog, myspace, bebo, you name it.

It's not easy living with another family, and I'm sure there are days when my daughter-in-law wants to kill me as much as I'd like to leave her body in a dark alley somewhere. But we've managed to survive. I've learned to have tunnel vision when I pass through their portion of the house, smartly ignoring the unmade bed, the stacks on her desk, and the spots all over her bathroom mirror. Okay, so my tunnel vision hasn't been perfected yet but I'm working on it.

She held a job as a Correction's Officer when I first came here and was on second shift. That sucked because she was like 'mother in abstencia', but now she has a new job and she's home evenings. I know because I hear her upstairs watching the soap operas she recorded during the day. *lol* I thought life would become more normal and the dust less thick, but I was wrong.

Now I have to contend with a whole new problem. DIL works for a company that services and fills money machines and those lovely games that your children yank you over to when you go into restaurants, Walmart and other places. Her company-provided van resembles like a 'carney' on the way to set up a booth at the local fair, but she works hard and long. She tells me everyday. *lol*

The new headache around here for me is the 'stuffed animal' hospital thats gathering in the corner of the dining area. Toys that are damaged in any way can't go into the machines, so as she finds them, she brings them home and tosses them in a pile. It's growing in frightening leaps and bounds. (emphasis on frightening) Right beneath the three-legged unicorn is a really scary broom-less witch, a three-armed Sponge Bob, and a myriad of other colorful plush that are torn, frayed, or disfigured. I'm hoping it's just special-effects for Halloween, but I'll let you know. I had a nightmare last night that I was attacked by handicapped plush animals and woke up fighting with my pillow. I thought dust and clutter in the rest of the house was bad. I think I'll entitle my next book, Lunacy on Lick Creek Rd.


Hal said...

Great post Ginger. What a wonderful way to relieve stress and feel the beauty of living in the now without the fear of being tossed in a corner by accident!

Vicky DeCoster said...

I laughed out loud at your dream description! Hang in there and keep laughing!

Kindest regards,
Vicky DeCoster

Mark David Gerson said...

I love the photo. Now that I know that hell is now a full-time skating rink, I understand so much of what's happening around me!

Mark David Gerson

Steven C. Bradley said...

I think you have an awesome website! It is very pleasing to the eye and big and spacious and found it easy to breath in, if you
know what I mean? I am the writer you visited earlier. Thanks for your comments. Looks like you are really into writing too. Your material looks wholesome and good reading. I hope it all goes very well for you!

Steven Clark Bradley

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