Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday Poodle Talk #2

My little Chanel came down with an upper respiratory infection this week.  
She had a fever, cough, and diarrhea  so I called her vet and he took her right in.

He was concerned.  I was concerned.  Chanel is taking 10 days of antibiotics (she received an injection before she left the clinic), cough medication, tummy medication, and has a special diet for the next 2 weeks.

She's improving, though she sneezes when I take her outside to take care of her business (it's 100+ here in SoCal).  She's napping throughout and is becoming more like her usual 'poodle' self.

We worry about all of our loved ones (family, friends, co-workers) but fur-babies  seem to worry us because they become ill so quickly--or are ill and we aren't aware there's even a problem.

My little girl is a re-homed poodle-mix. 8 lbs and a couple of wiggles, I like to say.

I belong to several poodle groups on Facebook, and follow Adopt-a-Pet for fosters in our area.

Please share your poodle/poodle-mix stories in the comment section :-).

Birthday Parties, fashion accessories, and poodle quirks are always fun to share.

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Have a wonderful week,

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