Saturday, October 26, 2019

Cannibal's Hot Dogs

What is my favorite thing about Halloween?

My Halloween Event is my Spook-tacular Dinner Party for my children and grandchildren.

Each year there is a different theme for the dinner and party. I email invitations with the menu.

 My first dinner featured “Deadman over Worms” (meatloaf in person-form with a fork in the chest) served over wheat pasta with snips of parsley, bleeding cemetery cake, and eyeball, witches-fingers.

The next year it was hot-dogs carved to look like bloody fingers served in a hot dog bun, punch with ice-cube eyeballs, dip that looked like slime, veggies arranged to look like a skeleton, chocolates shaped like mice served over cake with chopped and crushed candy to resemble graveyard dirt.

For photos and inspiration visit my Zombie Nite Café on Pinterest.

Of course, everyone dresses up, we play spooky music, and play games.  All these events are very tame and especially for preschoolers.   Everyone goes home with a goodie-bag and toy (flying bats, wax teeth, a blinking necklace).

The planning and selected theme is discussed through out the year.  As the children matured, they helped prepare the meal.  Painting the bloody fingers with ketchup, smashing the ghosts (mashed potatoes), and taste-testing the cemetery dirt were the most popular.

Happy Halloween my Lovelies,

Connie Vines

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