Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Honored, Awed, and a Little Surprised

So, I go away for a few days to enjoy a long weekend, and I come back to discover I've received three blog awards.  Two are the same, the third, different, but...  To save time and energy, and knowing I can't come up with 35 names, I'm combining my efforts here.

My deepest gratitude goes to Patricia Stoltey and Lea Schizas for this award.

And according to the rules, here's what I'm required to do:

1. Thank those who loved me enough to bestow this gift.
2. Share seven things about myself.
3. Bestow this honor onto 15 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way.
4. Drop by and let my fifteen new friends know I admire them.

Now, I'd like to thank MaryAnn Miller for this lovely recognition.  I'm elated to be someone's sunshine.

As I understand, all I must do with this award is notify five people that "they are my sunshine" and I'm done.  So, let's see, that's 20 people I need to name and seven things I need to tell you about myself.  I'm presuming it should be something you don't know and therein lies the problem.  If you follow my blog, you already know everything there is to know, but maybe you're like me and have a rotten memory.  So here goes...

1. I have one sister who has disowned me, and I have no idea why.  But then, I've gotten past caring. I have the only sister I need right here in TN.

2. I have three nephews and no nieces.

3. I had my stomach stapled in 1991 and lost over 100 pounds.  Those were the days.

4. This is my second marriage.  My first lasted 32 years, and me and my current hubby will celebrate 14 years on August 1.

5.  I will officially be a cough...gag...spit, "senior citizen" this year.

6.  My biggest fear is dying.  I'm claustrophobic, so burial is out of the question, and I'm not a big fan of fire.  I know I'll be dead, but thinking about it now scares the heck out of me.

7.  I recently received only my third rejection for a submission.  No matter how much I pretend I can take it...it still hurts.

Okay, that was painful and probably as boring as hell, but now I get to think of 15 people to receive the first award and five for the second.  I'm playing dirty pool and presenting some of the fifteen with the second award too.  If I name you, it's because I love you or what you write, or both.  Don't forget that and accept this task in the manner in which it's presented.  :)

1.  Anita Davison  (Double Awardee)
2.  Jen Black
3.  Mirella Patzer
4.  Maggie Dove
5.  Maggi Anderson
6.  Chris Redding
7.  Cheryl St. John
8.  Anna Kathryn Lanier (Double Awardee)
9.  Cate Masters
10. Tabitha Shay (Double Awardee)
11. Sloane Taylor
12. Robert Appleton
13. Ron Berry (Double Awardee)
14. Lorrie Struiff
15. Lisabet Sarai (Double Awardee)


  1. Thanks Ginger. I will do this later in the week.

  2. Thanks, Ginger,
    I think...lol....No, really, u made me a double awardee, what an honor that u think so much of me...I'll do my best to share some things later this week...I'll have to think of some things no one knows about me...Gosh, what could they be???...Congrats on ur awards...Hugs...Tabs

  3. Hey, Ginger,

    Thank you so much! Now I've got to think of 20 people who blog, who aren't on your list!

    You're a sweetie!


  4. Thanks, Ginger. What a cool list to be on.

    So you've only had three ms rejections? I want your batting average.

    I'll see what I can do to keep this thing going.



  5. Thanks, Ginger. I'm not good about forwarding the awards, but will endevor to do so this time....


  6. Glad you liked the award, Ginger. And so happy you got the other one, too. You are definitely versatile.

    Regarding your "things not known about you" I laughed at number seven. I know, we shouldn't laugh at rejections, but only three? The first piece I sold to a major magazine had at least 20 rejections before it was accepted. Three is nothing. LOL

  7. Ah, my favorite part of award giving is seeing the new (to-me) bloggers who receive the awards on the next go around. I'm off to do a little blog-hopping...

  8. Aw thanks Ginger! I'm honored. Now I need to hunt down some people to ambush, er honor! :)

  9. Hey Miz Ginger! Thanks so much for the awesome mention. I'll do my best to reciprocate. I'm hiding away in Great Falls Montana at my condo there to work non-stop on my novel - The Blighted Troth. I've got 4 chapters left to write to finish the first draft. So there might be a delay.

    Hugs to you! It's wonderful that you thought of me.


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