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It's time for another Round Robin post, and as a follow-up to last month's discussion about the types of heroines we like and write about, this month we're discussing know the guy who gallops in on his white stallion and sweeps the heroine off her feet?  *smile*

Since I write cross genres, I have all types of heroes, but most of them share traits I admire and want in the men in my life.  I like heroes who are human...the kind who show fear when it's appropriate, but still take charge of situations in crisis.  I want to read about heroes who give compliments, but aren't so gushy they are sickening.  Most of all, I want a man who makes his woman feel like she's the most important person in the world.  Of course if he looks and talks like Sam Elliott, that's okay too.  

I gave a lot of thought to all the heroes I've written about, and I think my favorite has to be Tyler Bishop from Ellie's Legacy.  Ellie has him so confused he doesn't know what day of the week it is, but he still hangs in and takes all the abuse she dishes out.  He's strong, handsome, and becomes the guy on the white horse I mentioned earlier.  Yep...he's the one...and I'll share an excerpt with you...but first, the setup.  Ellie has just returned from her secret shooting lessons.  She's determined to prove to her pa that she can do anything Ty can do, sometimes better.  During her trek into the deep underbrush near a old abandoned mine, she has a run-in with her nasty neighbor...the son of a man who has his eye on owning Fountain, her father's ranch.  Here, she's returning home, wondering if she should mention her unfortunate run-in.

Excerpt - Ellie's Legacy

...she nudged Chessie into a gallop.  A hot bath, tasty supper, and a good night's sleep was what Ellie needed.  She waved to the guard sitting on the fence rail, figuring she'd worry about the Bryants tomorrow.

Ty walked out of the barn as Ellie entered the compound.  He had the most bothersome timing.  She grimaced, hoping not to be interrogated about her daily activities.

The rising desire to run and tell him about the Bryant boy's inappropriate behavior overwhelmed her.  She craved having Ty hold her and tell her everything was all right, but she fought the urge.

Her mind boggled at such strange notions.  Why the sudden need to have him involved in her business?  Maybe she wanted to feel the comfort she imagined those muscular arms could provide.

She expelled a rush of air through pursed lips.  God, he was good looking  Why did he make her feel

Ellie gave a brief nod as she rode into the barn.  Hopefully he'd go on into the house so she could stow her weapon back in its hiding place.  She dismounted and began to unsaddle Chessie.  Her heart still raced and she wasn't sure of the cause.

"You were gone for quite a while."  Ty's voice broke the silence.

"Uh huh," she answered, staying focused on the task at hand.  The timbre of his voice threatened to distract her.

"Did you have a nice time?"

"Uh huh."

"I...Ellie, I need to..."

Ellie glanced at him.  Perspiration dotted his forehead.  He fidgeted with his collar, looking like he was about to say something, but didn't.  Why this sudden inability to speak?  Was something wrong with Pa?

"Spit it out, Ty.  For heaven sakes, what's wrong?"

He shook his head.  "Oh, nothin's wrong.  I just wanted to ask you...ah..."

"Ask me what?"  She leaned in, and for exaggerated emphasis, cocked her head.  His curious behavior made her anxious, but she remembered him starting to question her earlier.  A simple discussion shouldn't be this hard.

"Ah...are ya hungry?  Cook's got a fine meal prepared in the house."  Ty sun on his heel and left.

Ellie rubbed the scowl puckering her brow and shook her head.  Surely food wasn't what made him so nervous.  Always the smooth-talker, he suddenly had lockjaw.  What was really on his mind?  He wasn't one to be rushed; she knew that.  If he had something to ask, he'd do it when he was good and ready.  But, he'd stirred her nosy side into a frenzy.  If she was a man, she'd shake it out of him.


If you want to find out more about my hero and see what he needed to "spit out," you can find the book available on Amazon along with all my published works.  

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  1. Enjoyed the excerpt, and I like the way you let the reader discover Ty's qualities (even though Ellie will shake them out of him!)

  2. When a hero is gushing, I have to wonder if he's the villain. You know, what does he want? LOL

    Good post.


  3. You're right, Tyler Bishop is a hero. The story sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing. y

  4. "A man who makes his woman feel like she's the most important person in the world"...yeah, that.

  5. Ginger, I agree with Fiona. Well said!

  6. Robin, Ellie certainly puts Ty through the ringer. :)

    Beverly, The stuff TY puts up is would probably send most men screaming for the hills, but he loves his job and the chance to have a home instead of wandering from round-up to round-up. :) Ellie just has to find that out.

    Fiona...We definitely agree on someone who makes us feel like we matter. :)

    Connie...I agree with Fiona, too. :)


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