Thursday, May 15, 2014


What defines you as a successful writer?  Do you have to write a number of books . . . say over twenty, maybe over a hundred to be considered successful?  Does it mean you’re writing for a traditional publisher?  Could you be writing for an eBook publisher?

You see ‘success’ is something different for each of us.  I just finished my sixteenth book with Books We Love!  Yep, I’m proud of it . . . and I feel very successful.  I remember when I just wanted to see my name on the cover of ‘a book.’  Now I have sixteen books with my name on them!

Success is your goal.  If your goal is to write twenty book in your lifetime – I’ll bet you won’t feel successful until you type ‘the end’ on that twentieth book.

I actually believe it’s difficult for writers to define or measure success because we are only as good as our next book.

Success is how you measure it . . . what it means to you.  It could be one book or more, it could mean a guest spot on TV or radio, it could mean your first book signing at a popular book store, or it could mean being asked to be a presenter at a writer’s convention.
For me it didn’t happen until a Blackfeet woman, who bought my book, Whispering Sun, asked if I’d be willing to have my picture taken with her and the book.  See – for each of us that feeling of success is something different.   I’m always humbled and touched when I receive a ‘fan’ email or letter.  The reader took the time and effort to reach out and compliment my book!  That feeling of happiness and pride I call success.
How about you?  When did you feel successful?  Tell me . . . I’d like to hear it . . . it’s fun to relive and share our successes.  J


  1. I was at RT last May standing in line for the free book room to open. I saw the woman behind me's name tag and I recognized it as a reviewer I've seen from one of the popular review sites. I asked if that was her and she said yes, then looked at my nametag. She said "Jamie Hill? The Jamie Hill?" and she went on to name a couple of my books (so I knew she really did mean me, LOL) Then she asked to take her photo with me. That was an amazing feeling!-- Jamie

  2. That is such a cool story . . . thanks for sharing. Are there any others who care to share?


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