Friday, November 21, 2014

Round Robin with Ginger Simpson #rndrobin1114

This month's question centers around a month when people usually gorge themselves under the guise of being thankful.  We're supposed to share our favorite food or meal and tell how we got hooked on it.'s my sad story:

Once upon a time I was really, really fat.  My youngest sister happened to get a job with a place called "Lite Life" and they did stomach stapling.  The before and after pictures she showed me really made me want to join the ranks and get healthier.  After all, I'd been told my entire life I resembled my father's family and they were all dying young.  As it turns out, my father died at 61.

Anyhow, I digress.  I had the procedure done and lost 118 pounds.  Sadly, that was 23 years ago and now I'm relegated to eating small portions, throwing up often, and in starvation mode which has caused me to gain back a great deal of what I lost.  I'm pretty sure, those pictures I saw have long ddisappeared  I think there might be a few people who have viewed this surgery as a success, but I'm not one of them.  In fact, I've had six procedures in the past two years to stretch the opening into the pouch so food can pass through.  Bariatric surgeons I've seen all want to do a gastric bypass as a cure, but that just seems to be opening another can of proverbial worms.

So...enter my other sister who is convinced she can make me thin and healthy.  We start on Monday, but I'm not sure I can drink 96 ounces of water and do a Paleo diet, but I do expect I'll be in water aaerobics three times a week, killing myself on an elliptical till I can manage a half hour, and eating food I never expected to put into my mouth.  What we do for the sake of vanity and health.  Just the idea of being in a bathing suit if frightening enough.

Before I lost weight...I ate all kinds of pizza, burgers, pasta, sandwiches, fries, and all those things good.  At least then I knew why I was fat.  Now I breath air and gain weight.  It sucks, and I'm actually looking forward to eating something other than crackers and cheese, one crispy taco, and chips and salsa.  Of course, I do good to drink 16 ounces of water in a day...96????  Egads!

Maybe next Thanksgiving, I can share a much happier tale.  In the meantime...chew on a turkey breast for me, eat lots, and give thanks for what you have, even if it's a spare least you can earn it.

Happy Holidays!

OH..and trot on over to the other participants for their "mouthwatering" answers:


  1. I've been as heavy as 195 lbs and as light as 84 lbs - neither good. Getting the diet/exercise equation right is never easy. Wish you every success in finding your balance.

  2. That is sad! Especially since the surgery left you with more problems. Hope things go better. In your photo you look wonderful.

  3. So sorry you're not able to enjoy food like you did before. I hope you find a solution!

  4. Major bummer! You have my sympathy. HOpe things work out. In the meantime, enjoy small bites.

  5. Back when I was popping out babies, 4 in 5 years, I told my husband that he should wait and see how thin and gorgeous I'd be after I got done having kids. Our youngest is now 21 and he's still waiting.

    I keep trying to explain to my butt and thighs that I'm never going to need to nurse another baby, so they can drop that excess weight any time. But they're not convinced.

    I did Jazzercise for over 10 years, almost daily. I walk regularly. I eat small meals. And lately I've been dealing with the problems that come after having your gall bladder removed, as well as over-acidity in my stomach that requires medication.

    Through all of this, my wonderful husband tells me he still finds me the most gorgeous woman he's ever met. I've vacillated no more than 5 pounds up and/or down for the past 20 years. So I guess I'm in some kind of stasis. As long as I feel healthy enough to get through my days working 3 jobs, I don't worry too much about my excess poundage hanging stubbornly around.


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